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Scott Wiener is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, representing the Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park, the Duboce Triangle, Diamond Heights and many other neighborhoods.

  • More Affordable Housing — Not a Housing Moratorium — Is What We Need in San Francisco

    Published on Medium.com on May 19th, 2015

    Recently, five of my colleagues on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors proposed a moratorium on privately produced housing in the Mission District, as a response to the undeniable housing crisis confronting our entire city and impacting the Mission with particular intensity. Under the moratorium, no housing development of 5 units or more would be permitted. The only exception would be developments with 100% below market rate subsidized units. Even projects in which half the units are affordable to low or moderate income residents would be banned.

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  • Tenant Notification Legislation

    Given our housing crisis, one of the most important things we can do is to keep people stable in their housing.  I recently asked our City Attorney to draft legislation to close a gigantic loophole in our city code that allows building owners to demolish rental units without even providing tenants with notice ahead of time, thus allowing them an opportunity to contest the demolition and effective eviction.  Because an owner isn’t required to provide tenants in illegal units with notice, the tenant has no opportunity to contest the permit, for example, by appealing it to the Board of Permit Appeals.  The legislation will require the same notice to all tenants – whether or not their unit is officially recognized – before the owner obtains a building permit to demolish the tenants’ units.

    You can read more about the proposed legislation here.

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  • My April 2015 Newsletter

    Here's my latest monthly newsletter, describing our work and happenings around town. You can read it by clicking here. If you want to join my newsletter mailing list, email newsletterwiener@sfgov.org.

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  • Preparing for State Legalization of Cannabis

    Within the next years years, the use of cannabis is likely to be legal in California. We can't wait until legalization happens to start preparing for this policy, which will dramatically impact San Francisco. To start planning now, I've introduced legislation to form a Cannabis State Legalization Task Force, which will consist of residents, businesses, advocates, and government leaders who will consider the numerous social, economic, land use, and enforcement issues surrounding legalization. You can read more about the task force here and here.

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  • Keeping Our Retail Space Active

    Our commercial corridors need active retail businesses like cafes and shops to draw customers and people to our neighborhoods. Too often we see banks and office-type uses come in and take valuable sidewalk space, creating dead spaces on our streets, especially in the evenings and on weekends when these businesses are closed. To encourage more active retail spaces, I introduced controls that requires a conditional use process for office use in sidewalk-fronting businesses. This will ensure we have a thoughtful process for making our neighborhood commercial corridors more vibrant and livable spaces. You can read more here.

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    Report by the City Economist finds that in 2014, 3.3 million people attended outdoor events in San Francisco – including festivals, parades, and street fairs – generating $1.1 billion in economic activity and supporting 9,300 private sector jobs


    San Francisco Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener released a study conducted by the City Economist reporting that outdoor events – such as festivals, parades, and street fairs – are a significant economic driver for San Francisco. In 2014, these events generated $1.1 billion in economic impact and drew 3.3 million attendees, whose spending supported 9,300 private sector jobs in industries like retail, food services, hospitality, and transportation. The report -- available here -- was based on various data points, including an extensive survey of 3,644 people who attended outdoor events in 2014.

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  • Expanding In-Law Construction in Diamond Heights, Glen Park & Noe Valley

    Today I'm introducing legislation to allow the construction of new in-law units in the Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Diamond Heights neighborhoods. This builds on previous legislation I've authored to allow the construction of in-law units in the Castro and in buildings citywide undergoing voluntary and mandatory seismic retrofits. These units are generally the most affordable kind of non-subsidized unit available, and allow us to expand housing supply in a sustainable way within our neighborhoods. You can read more about the legislation in the San Francisco Business Times here.

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  • PBS NewsHour: Getting to Zero HIV Infections

    San Francisco was ground zero for the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and now it is ground zero for the effort to eliminate new HIV/AIDS infections. I'm proud to be part of the amazing work being done by the Getting to Zero Consortium, which is comprised of public health leaders and workers fighting to end new infections of this terrible disease in San Francisco. The PBS Newshour interviewed me as part of a look into this effort. You can watch the story here

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  • Water Conservation: Mandating Water Reuse Systems

    California is in a serious water crisis, but this is also a long-term problem. We need to start implementing policies to change how we conserve and consume water. That's why I introduced legislation at the Board of Supervisors to to require onsite water reuse systems – for example, graywater and storm water recapture systems – in new developments and to push city departments to use non-potable water for all cleaning and irrigation of public spaces within the next 5 years. This is an important step towards no longer using our precious drinking water for flushing toilets.

    Click here to read about the legislation. 

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    Proposal announced today by the Mayors of five Bay Area cities and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission – on which Supervisor Wiener serves -- will expand the regional bike share network through a public-private partnership

    San Francisco – Today Supervisor Scott Wiener released the following statement after the Mayors of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville announced a proposal to partner with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to expand the Bay Area bike share program by entering into a public-private partnership with Motivate:

    “I applaud this proposal to dramatically expand bike share in San Francisco and the Bay Area,” said Supervisor Wiener, who serves as a Commissioner on the MTC. “A robust and sustainable bike share network is a key part of being a Transit First city and will allow us to reap the benefits of bike share, including reducing traffic, improving public transit, and stimulating the local economy. I’ve been an active supporter of bike share at both the MTC and the Board of Supervisors, and I will continue to work to bring this critical transit program to more neighborhoods in San Francisco.”

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