Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ordinance grants the SF Public Utilities Commission the first right of refusal to provide clean, hydroelectric Hetch Hetchy power to new public and private developments, which will increase clean energy distribution and allow for enhanced infrastructure investment for the nearly $900 million

San Francisco, CA - Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Supervisor Wiener's legislation to increase the electric customer base for San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission by granting the PUC the right of first refusal to provide hydroelectric, greenhouse gas free power to private developments.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Resolution introduced today would have San Francisco join statewide good government group working to replace privately-owned, "black box" software voting systems with publicly-viewable and shareable open source technology

San Francisco - At today's Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce a resolution calling for San Francisco to join the California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO), an organization formed to push for the creation of free, open source voting systems for elections.


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