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Scott Wiener is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, representing the Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park, the Duboce Triangle, Diamond Heights and many other neighborhoods.

  • Scott Wiener Elected Chair of Transportation Authority Board

    page-0.jpgCommissioner assumes leadership post as agency celebrates 25 years

    San Francisco, CA—The San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board today elected Commissioner Scott Wiener chair for 2015.  Created by voters in 1989, the Transportation Authority administers the ½ cent transportation sales tax and serves as congestion management agency for San Francisco.  The agency is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

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  • San Francisco Fire Department Urged to End Opposition to Attempts to Slow Traffic

    For the past several years, we've been engaged in a dialogue with the Fire Department about how best to embrace two critical public safety needs: fire safety and street safety. The Fire Department has advocated for wider streets, given the size of its trucks, whereas wider streets are more dangerous for all users, leading to increased speeds, more accidents, and more severe accidents. We want our fire trucks to be able to get to fires and other emergencies quickly, and, in fact, our department does an outstanding and heroic job doing just that. We also want our streets to be safe -- we have way too many accidents that injure or kill pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers -- and good street design is essential for safe streets. If the Fire Department is concerned about its trucks ability to maneuver on San Francisco's many, many narrow streets, the Department needs to evaluate how it can improve its trucks' ability to maneuver those streets.

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  • In World of S.F. Politics, Scott Wiener is a Serious Player

    Today the San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice profile of me. It basically says I'm boring and nerdy but work hard. I'll take that.

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  • Supervisor Scott Wiener to Pursue Ballot Measure Reform in San Francisco

    I'm moving forward with a package of reforms to San Francisco's ballot measure system to make it more transparent and fair, based in part on the bipartisan reform recently adopted by the State Legislature for statewide measures.

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  • Most Interesting Bay Area People of 2014

    I'm flattered that SFGate named me one of the most interesting Bay Area people of 2014.

    "Supervisor Scott Wiener — It's hard to miss S.F. supervisor Scott Wiener. He's 6-foot-7, for one, and he made headlines in September for becoming the first public figure in the nation to disclose that he's taking a drug that prevents HIV infection. He also introduced the controversial soda tax ballot measure that went to vote in November."

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  • FDA To Lift Blood Ban

    The FDA is ending the lifetime ban on blood donation by gay and bisexual men. It's replacing the lifetime ban with a ban on blood donation by men who've had sex with a man in the past year. While it's progress to eliminate the discriminatory and irrational lifetime ban, the change doesn't go far enough and will continue to exclude most gay and bisexual men from donating blood. Modern HIV testing allows detection of the HIV virus within two weeks of infection. There's no public health rationale to extend the ban for a full year after sexual contact. Moreover, the ban continues to ignore the fact that sexually active straight people are also at risk. It's time to end this discrimination.

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  • Market Street LightRail Project

    Market Street is the central boulevard of our city, and we have made great strides in improving its vitality over the past few years. It is also the spine of our transit system, with buses, a subway and surface rail lines, as well as thousands of bikes and pedestrians using our streets and sidewalks every day. To celebrate Market Street and all this civic movement, I am sponsoring legislation to allow the LightRail art project, a light installation by the organization behind the Bay Lights, to install an LED lighting art project that will mimic the movement of the subway trains as they travel up and down Market Street. This is a great public project that will make Market an even more vibrant street for residents and visitors.

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  • Late Night Transit Service Expanding

    AC Transit and BART have announced an expansion of late night transit bus service between San Francisco and the East Bay. This is good news for our nightlife industry and for workers who have early or late commute hours. This improvement is one of the solutions that have come out of the Late Night Transit Working Group that I have been convening here at City Hall. This is a good step for improving late night transit access, but we can and will do more.

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  • Adding In-Laws During Seismic Retrofits

    Allowing the construction of new in-law units is one solution for creating new housing opportunities in San Francisco. Previously, I've passed legislation to build new in-laws in the Castro and now I'm moving forward with legislation to allow the construction of in-laws in buildings undergoing seismic retrofits. Both the voluntary and mandatory soft story retrofit programs are important for keeping our city safe and resilient when the next earthquake hits. By allowing property owners the ability to build new in-law units in exchange for undergoing these retrofits, we can encourage more of this safety work while also increasing our housing supply in a sustainable manner that has little impact on our neighborhoods.

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  • Fixing Our City's Street Tree Problem

    Our current street tree maintenance system is bad for many reasons. It jeopardizes the health of our urban forest, puts residents in danger of falling limbs, and dumps responsibility for trees onto property owners who didn't plant the trees and might not be able to take of them. We need a long-term solution to this issue that includes a dedicated funding source for tree maintenance so that the money isn't raided for other purposes.

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