Mark_Leno_lores.jpg Senator Mark Leno:

"Supervisor Wiener has proven to be a prolific, accomplished, and earnest legislator while serving on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. On complex issues as varied as transportation, health, civil rights, housing and the environment, Scott has boldly demonstrated an uncommon understanding and command. I have great confidence that as a State Senator, Scott's work ethic, values, intelligence and tenacity will serve the constituents of the 11th Senate District extremely well."

Dianne_Feinstein.jpg Senator Dianne Feinstein:

"Scott has a solid record of accomplishments on the issues impacting our region today, and has the foresight to address the challenges that will face us in the years to come. I’m impressed with Scott’s record of supporting increased police staffing to improve public safety, his dogged determination to improve our public transportation systems, his outside-the-box ideas to address and ease our housing crisis, and his work to increase water recycling. I know that Scott will take that same creativity and work ethic to the State Senate."

Jackie_Speier_lores.jpg Congresswoman Jackie Speier:

"Scott delivers. He has been a prolific legislator on the Board advocating for parental leave, affordable housing and a reliable transportation system. In the midst of our economic resurgence, we need someone with an eye to our constant need for economic and social justice. Scott Wiener is that person. I'm proud to support him for the State Senate."

David_Chiu.jpg Attorney General Kamala Harris:

"Scott is an effective and compassionate leader who works tirelessly for all of us."

David_Chiu.jpg Assemblymember David Chiu:

"Scott Wiener is a prolific and effective legislator, and as a State Senator, he will deliver for us in moving forward progressive priorities."

Dennis_Herrera_lores.jpeg City Attorney Dennis Herrera:

"Scott Wiener fights for renters and against abusive landlords. He takes on powerful interests to protect tenants living in slum-like conditions and to hold owners accountable when they violate our housing laws."

Vicki_Hennessy.jpg Sheriff Vicki Hennessy:

"Scott Wiener has been instrumental in advocating for a safer city by increasing public safety. He led the effort to ensure mandated staffing levels for the Police Department, and also understands the need to ensure that the City provides alternatives to incarceration when appropriate, as well as meaningful programming and treatment for those in our jails."

LauraClarke-16-LR.jpg Laura Clark, Housing Advocate:

"Scott Wiener fights for more housing and works to reform our broken housing policy - a policy that created this affordability crisis. Scott understands we need more housing in order to stop the evictions."

Nicholas_Gonzalez_(2).jpg Nicholas González, LGBT Community Center Board*:

"Scott Wiener has been a champion for the LGBT community for longer than I've been alive. He fights for LGBT seniors and at-risk youth, ensures that people living with HIV have access to medication, creates better access to PrEP, and won expanded healthcare for transgender people. We don't just need an ally in Sacramento, we need a fighter. Scott is that fighter, and he will continue to advocate for our community in the State Senate, as he has for the past 25 years."

Nick_Gracia.png Nick Gracia, Daly City Firefighters:

"Scott Wiener champions smart public safety approaches and stands up for our first responders. Scott has our backs in our efforts to keep our community safe."

Amandeep_Jawa_(1).jpg Amandeep Jawa, Transit and Environmental Advocate:

"No one in public office fights harder for public transportation and safe biking than Scott Wiener. Scott delivers for transit riders and cyclists, and he will work in the State Senate to deliver more resources for sustainable transportation."

Dr._John_Maa.jpg Dr. John Maa, Cardiologist:

"Scott Wiener stood up to the soda industry and cigarette industry to protect our community's health. He will fight to stop big corporations from poisoning our young people and will stand up for progressive public health policy."

Michelle_Parker.jpg Michelle Parker, San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee:

"As a product of public schools and the son of a public school teacher, Scott Wiener understands that our state cannot succeed unless every child, from every community, has access to a great public school education. Scott will champion public education as our State Senator."

*Titles/organizations for identification purposes only


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