Resolution introduced today requests report on the measure's potential impacts on the City's housing (including affordable housing), infrastructure, transportation, and open space needs, as well as the City's tax base

San Francisco, CA - Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce a resolution at the Board of Supervisors calling for an impartial, multi-departmental study of the ballot measure to require voter approval of development projects that exceed current height limits on San Francisco's waterfront. In this study, city departments will report on how the proposed initiative ordinance will affect, if passed, the city's housing, infrastructure, transportation, and open spaced needs. The Resolution requests the reports be produced by March 7, 2014.

"One of our responsibilities as public officials is to ensure the public has all the information needed to make an informed decision at the ballot box," said Supervisor Wiener. "If this measure is going to influence how we produce housing units, particularly affordable units, we should be aware of the impacts. Development anywhere in our city is a complicated process. We should be diligent in understanding how changing our citywide policies affects our city."

The Resolution specifically requests analysis from the Port of San Francisco, Planning Department, City Administrator, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Municipal Transportation Agency, and Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.The resolution calls for, among other things, analyzation of consistency of the City's General Plan, including the Housing Element, impacts on the City's ability to meet its housing production goals, including generating affordable housing and impact fees for affordable housing, whether individual affordable housing projects would have to be put on the ballot, and a list of past and current projects that would have been or will be impacted by this measure if it were in place.

The Resolution specifically calls for impartial analysis on the policy implications of the initiative. City departments shall not reccomend changes to the initiative or comment on whether voters should adopt the initiative.

The Waterfront Height Limit Right to Vote Initiative qualified for the June 2014 ballot last week. The Initiative, if passed, will require voter approval for any development project that exceeds the currently zoned height limits on any land the the Port of San Francisco owns as of January 1, 2014 or later.


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