City staff and community organizations will report on funding shortfalls due to federal budget cuts, impacts on service, and proposals to backfill the cuts in city budget

San Francisco - Tomorrow at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will call for a hearing to discuss funding proposals for HIV services in the upcoming 2014/2015 San Francisco budget, including expected federal budget cuts for HIV care and prevention services. San Francisco has experienced huge HIV funding cuts from the federal government in recent years. Supervisor Wiener has worked each year with the community, the Mayor, and city staff to backfill those cuts in the city budget.

At the hearing, the Department of Public Health, the Mayor's Budget Office, and community organizations will report on what the projected funding shortfalls will be for HIV services, what the impacts of these shortfalls will be, and how the city can work to fill them. 

"Ensuring continued funding for HIV services in San Francisco has been one of my top priorities since I took office," said Supervisor Wiener. "Any interruptions or cutbacks in treatment can be devastating for our most vulnerable citizens who are living with and at-risk for HIV. Through the last two budget cycles, we've successfully fought to ensure that our city budget continues to fully fund HIV services, and this year we will make sure we do it again. Lives depend on it."

Federal budget cuts for HIV care (Ryan White Care Act) and prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) services in the upcoming fiscal year are estimated to amount to $2.7 million.

"Due to the federal level funding reductions for this upcoming year, San Francisco faces an anticipated budget shortfall that will destabilize our current continuum of HIV prevention, testing, and care services," said Lance Toma, Vice President of the HIV/AIDS Providers Network. "This system of care is life-saving for thousands of San Francisco residents who are living with and at-risk for HIV.  The HIV/AIDS Providers Network will continue to work hand in hand with Supervisor Wiener, Supervisor Campos, and our Mayor to ensure that San Francisco continues to be a national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS and maintains our commitment to those in San Francisco whose lives are impacted by HIV."

This hearing will take place at the Budget and Finance Committee.


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