After hearing on late night transportation - and inadequacies leading to problems for late night businesses, workers, and patrons - resolution will form working group to formulate an integrated plan to improve late night transportation

San Francisco, CA - Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce a resolution at the Board of Supervisors calling for the formation of a Late Night Transportation Working Group, which will be tasked with creating a comprehensive plan to improve late night transportation in San Francisco. At a hearing convened by Supervisor Wiener earlier this month, city departments, nightlife advocates, transportation providers, and late night employers and workers detailed the lack of late night transit options.

"We need better and safer late night transit for residents, workers, and visitors to our city," said Supervisor Wiener. "People getting off work or leaving bars have remarkably limited options.  Employees who get off work late, or go into work early morning, are particularly impacted.  Neither BART nor Muni Metro runs 24 hours, taxi service is limited, transbay bus service is sporadic, and Muni's OWL lines aren't well-publicized.  It's no wonder that many patrons and employees feel they have no other choice but to drive. By empowering this working group to put forward real solutions, we can craft a policy that sends a clear message that we shouldn't be leaving people out in the dark late at night."

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development will convene and co-chair the group, which will be comprised of representatives from nighttime and early-morning businesses, nightlife advocates, labor unions with employees who work late night or early morning, late night and early morning service workers, and transportation providers. The Working Group will be tasked with creating a Late Night Integrated Transportation Plan and will report back to the Board of Supervisors on progress within six months of the passage of the resolution.

"The Entertainment Commission is very excited for this challenge," said Jocelyn Kane, Executive Director of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. "Transportation is a vital part of a healthy and safe nightlife and we look forward to assembling a strong group to create an effective plan that will improve late night transportation for everyone."

In 2011, at Supervisor Wiener's request, the City Economist assessed the economic impact of the nighttime economy and determined that the industry contributes $4.2 billion annually to San Francisco's economy, employs over 50,000 people in largely middle class jobs, and generates about $50 million in city tax revenue. Recently, the MTA did a nightlife transportation study focused on Polk Street that found the two biggest improvements that could be implemented for late night transit are increased bus service at night and late night BART service.

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