Securing Streetlight Funding

streetlightbayview-300x199.jpgThis month, I reached an agreement (link is external) with the Mayor's Office and the Public Utilities Commission to secure significantly more funding for the large and neglected capital needs of our deteriorating streetlight system. For too many years, City Hall has allowed our streetlights to deteriorate and accumulate huge deferred maintenance.  As a result, streetlights frequently fail, which undermines public safety and neighborhood quality of light. The PUC has been spending a paltry $250,000 a year to maintain nearly 25,000 streetlights, which is unacceptable. The agreement includes a commitment from the Mayor's Office and the PUC to fund $9 million over the next two years to address streetlight capital needs - a nearly 20-fold increase - and to formulate a global assessment of the capital needs of the system. This result is both a down payment on our streetlights' capital needs and a path forward in assessing and addressing the system's overall needs.

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