Taking Pride in Dolores Park

Dolores Park is an amazing community resource, but it's been getting trashed and vandalized. We've seen horrendous vandalism acts like the trashing of the construction site and breaking of so much glass in the play area that Rec and Park has had to replace all the sand in the play area. This requires an increased focus on enforcement in our parks, especially at night, including through bolstering our park patrol ranks. But we have also seen people showing up on the weekeneds and leaving the park littered and trashed. This is not okay. Everyone should be able to go and enjoy Dolores Park and have a good time, but everyone also needs to pick up after themselves and treat the park and surrounding houses with respect.

You can read more about the recent coverage of Dolores Park at the following sites:
KTVU Coverage of vandalism 
SF Chronicle column by C.W. Nevius
SFist Coverage of Trash Problems 

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