Scott Wiener Leads Jane Kim by 15 Points in Race for State Senate District 11

Wiener leads among women voters by 13 points; Voters see Wiener as ‘being a strong leader’ and as ‘effective and getting things done’

The Scott Wiener for State Senate campaign has released findings from an internal poll showing Supervisor Scott Wiener with a 15 point lead over his opponent Supervisor Jane Kim.

The poll was conducted from December 8th to December 15th, by EMC Research and Fall Line Analytics among 600 voters in State Senate District 11.

In addition, Wiener has stronger name ID than Kim, and he leads Kim on key candidate attributes like strong leadership and effectiveness. Key findings include:

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Jane Kim and Scott Wiener Announce Debate Structure for District 11 Race

New “Lincoln-Douglas” Debates Will Give Voters Opportunities to Hear from Both Candidates About Pressing Issues Facing Region and State

San Francisco, CA (January 21, 2016) – Today, State Senate District 11 candidates Jane Kim and Scott Wiener announced an agreement to hold six debates throughout the district before the June 7 primary. Following in the tradition of in-depth policy discussions going all the way back to the “Lincoln-Douglas” debates, this structure is intended to ensure voters hear from both candidates on the key issues of the day.

“Our region and our state are at a crossroads. With so many challenges before us, we wanted to be sure voters have a chance to hear where we stand on the issues facing not just our many neighborhoods but our entire district and our entire state,” said Jane Kim. “I’m excited for the chance to talk about how we can make sure our policies – and our state government – are working for us.”

"I look forward to a lively and substantive debate on the critical issues facing our city, region, and state, including housing affordability, the drought and climate change, education funding, healthcare access, and transportation. I see these six debates as a unique opportunity for our diverse neighborhoods to come together to discuss the issues affecting us all,” said Scott Wiener.

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Ballot measure mirrors a pending ordinance by Supervisor Wiener that streamlines the approval process for 100% affordable housing. Supervisor Wiener will withdraw the ballot measure if the Board of Supervisors passes the ordinance.

San Francisco (January 20, 2016)– Yesterday, Supervisor Scott Wiener filed a ballot measure to expedite the construction of affordable housing to address San Francisco’s housing crisis. Joining Supervisor Wiener in signing to place the measure on the ballot were Supervisors Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

Supervisor Wiener introduced this affordable housing ballot measure, which mirrors his pending ordinance at the Board of Supervisors, as a backstop in case the Board rejects the pending ordinance. Supervisor Wiener decided to move forward with the ballot measure option after the identical ordinance was heard at the Planning Commission and, despite strong support from affordable housing creators, drew politically motivated opposition.

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Legislation ensures that all employees who work in San Francisco are paid their full salary for at least 6 weeks of parental leave

San Francisco — Today Supervisor Scott Wiener announced legislation to require San Francisco businesses to provide paid parental leave. Under current California law, employees can get up to 55% of their wages for 6 weeks through state disability. Supervisor Wiener’s ordinance requires that employers pay their employees the remaining balance of their income (45%), so that for weeks of leave the employee would receive his or her full wages. This legislation — which applies to both parents — will make San Francisco the first city in the country to require full paid parental leave for employees.

“The United States has fallen so far behind the rest of the world in providing paid parental leave,” said Supervisor Wiener. “Our current policies negatively impact all new parents, and in particular lower income workers who don’t have the safety net or flexibility to take unpaid leave. We shouldn’t force mothers and fathers to choose between taking care of their child and putting food on the table. San Francisco should, once again, lead the way on an important issue for workers and their families. By enacting this ordinance, we can show California and the rest of the nation what we need to do to support our families.”

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California League of Conservation Voters Endorses Scott Wiener for State Senate

Leading environmental organization cites Wiener's demonstrated leadership on clean energy, water recycling, mass transit, housing, and other areas key to addressing climate change and enhancing environmental sustainability

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 5, 2016) - Today, the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) announced its endorsement of Supervisor Scott Wiener in his campaign for the California State Senate. After interviewing and looking at the environmental track record of both candidates, CLCV endorsed Wiener.

CLCV is the non-partisan political action arm of California's environmental movement. The CLCV mission is to protect and enhance the environment and the health of all California communities by electing environmental champions, advancing critical priorities, and holding policymakers accountable.

"Scott Wiener has prioritized environmental sustainability and climate change in San Francisco, and we know he will do so at the state level," said Sarah Rose, CLCV's Chief Executive Officer. "California is at a cross-roads, and we need environmental champions to help us move an aggressive sustainability agenda in the State Legislature. Based on his track record of championing environmental initiatives on the Board of Supervisors - including water recycling, clean energy, and sustainable transportation and housing - we are confident Scott will be a key partner in helping the environmental movement achieve its goals."

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Supervisor Wiener to Call for Oversight Hearing on Spike in Burglaries, Home Invasions, Auto Break-ins, and Other Property Crimes

Hearing will ask Police Department, District Attorney, and other departments and organizations to report on statistics and strategies to confront home invasions, car break-ins, thefts, and other property crimes in San Francisco

San Francisco — At today’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will call for a hearing on property crime trends in residential neighborhoods, including home invasions, auto break-ins, and robberies. At the hearing, the Police Department, the District Attorney, and the Superior Court will be asked to report on current property crime trends, and what is being done to address these issues. Community safety groups like SF SAFE will also be invited to discuss how residents can better protect themselves against these crimes through organizing neighborhood watches and employing safety strategies.

“Our neighborhoods continue to be confronted by a relentless wave of property crimes,” said Supervisor Wiener. “There are high profile cases of home invasions, and everyday disturbances like car break-ins and packages being stolen off people’s porches. We need to know what’s actually happening, how the City is responding, and what approaches residents can take to protect themselves and their property. We need more officers walking beats, and more focus on property crimes. We need our police, our District Attorney’s Office, our courts, our probations departments, and our community organizations to work to together to ensure accountability for crime, as well as strong efforts at rehabilitation to reduce recidivism.”

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Supervisor Wiener to Call for Standing Oversight Hearings on Short Term Rental Enforcement

Quarterly hearings will focus on ensuring robust enforcement, transparency, and accountability for abusive and illegal short term rentals by newly created Office of Short Term Rentals

San Francisco — At today’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will call for standing quarterly oversight hearings on short-term rental enforcement in San Francisco. The goal of the hearings is to provide continuing, transparent public oversight for city enforcement efforts to ensure that the recently enacted short-term rental law is being robustly enforced and that illegal and abusive short-term rentals are being shut down promptly. At each hearing, the recently created Office of Short Term Rentals will be asked to present on various statistics, including number of short-term rental registrations, progress on getting more STRs registered, and enforcement efforts against violators. The quarterly hearings will commence in January, and occur every three months thereafter.

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Board of Supervisors Passes Supervisor Wiener’s Tenant Protection Notification Legislation

Ordinance requires that tenants living in non-permitted units — like illegal in-laws — be notified by property owners if a permit is sought to demolish the unit, giving the tenant an opportunity to appeal the permit

San Francisco — Today, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Supervisor Wiener’s legislation to require notice to all tenants, regardless of whether their unit is officially recorded, when a property owner files for permits to demolish their units. Under current law, property owners are only required to notice tenants in legally permitted units, which creates a significant loophole that leaves tens of thousands of tenants vulnerable to losing their homes with no notice ahead of time and no opportunity to contest the demolition.

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Supervisor Wiener to Introduce Legislation Raising Tobacco Purchase Age to 21 in San Francisco

San Francisco would join New York City and a number of other smaller cities to reduce tobacco use, which is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. A current effort to set the statewide tobacco purchase age to 21 stalled in the California legislature.

San Francisco — Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation, along with co-sponsors Supervisor Eric Mar and Malia Cohen, to raise the tobacco purchasing age in San Francisco from 18 to 21. San Francisco would become the second largest city in the country, after New York City, to set the tobacco purchasing age at 21. Earlier this year the State of Hawaii raised the tobacco purchase age to 21, and Berkeley is also considering doing the same. Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, killing more than 480,000 people each year and costing the United States as much as $170 billion in health care expenditures. The American Heart Association has endorsed this legislation.

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Senator Dianne Feinstein, Equality California, and Sheriff-Elect Vicki Hennessy Endorse Scott Wiener for State Senate

Wiener Adds Three Key Endorsements To A Growing List Of Elected Officials, Community Leaders, Community Organizations, And Labor Unions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 16, 2015) - Senator Dianne Feinstein, Equality California, and Sheriff-Elect Vicki Hennessy this week announced their endorsements of Supervisor Scott Wiener for California State Senate. Since his announcement for State Senate on July 1st of this year, Supervisor Wiener has been steadily building a significant and broad support list of elected and community leaders, labor unions, and community organizations, including the incumbent, Senator Mark Leno.

Of her support for Wiener's candidacy, Senator Feinstein said “Scott has a solid record of accomplishments on the issues impacting our region today, and has the foresight to address the challenges that will face us in the years to come. I’m impressed with Scott’s record of supporting increased police staffing to improve public safety, his dogged determination to improve our public transportation systems, his outside-the-box ideas to address and ease our housing crisis, and his work to increase water recycling. I know that Scott will take that same creativity and work ethic to the State Senate."

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