Supervisor Wiener to Introduce Ballot Measure to Fix San Francisco's Broken Street Tree Policy

November ballot measure ends dysfunctional City program that transfers street tree responsibility and liability to private property owners; requires City to assume maintenance responsibility and liability for all street trees and sidewalks damaged caused by trees throughout San Francisco; and pays for new City responsibilities through combination of lock box City funding and a dedicated progressive parcel tax

San Francisco –  (April 19, 2016) Today Supervisor Scott Wiener, in partnership with Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), will introduce a ballot measure for the November election to permanently fix San Francisco's broken street tree policy. The ballot measure requires the City to assume responsibility for all street trees - including tree maintenance, sidewalk damage, and liability - and provides a long-term dedicated funding source to do so.

The City’s current street tree policy - subject to widespread, justifiable criticism - requires fronting property owners to maintain and be liable for adjacent street trees and sidewalk damage, whether or not the owners planted the tree, whether or not they want the tree, and whether or not they have the financial resources to care for the tree. This unfair responsibility can cost property owners hundreds or thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

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Supervisor Wiener Introduces LGBT Data Collection Legislation to Improve Support for LGBT Community

Legislation will require that City Departments and contractors collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity to improve services and develop policies to support LGBT community

San Francisco –  (April 14, 2016) On Tuesday, Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced legislation to require City departments to collect LGBT data that will help target and improve services and policies to support the LGBT population in San Francisco. The ordinance requires City departments and contractors providing health care and social services to seek, collect, and analyze data concerning the sexual orientation and gender identity of the clients they serve. Clients have the right to not provide the data.

“The LGBT community faces disproportionate challenges regarding poverty, suicide, isolation, substance abuse, and violence,” said Supervisor Wiener. “We need to improve our outreach and support to all members of our community, particularly the most vulnerable. Data collection help us improve services for many underserved and disadvantaged parts of our populations. With this information, our city can better serve our LGBT community.”

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Congresswoman Jackie Speier Endorses Scott Wiener for State Senate

Speier cites Wiener's unrelenting work on issues of economic and social justice, including paid parental leave, affordable housing, and transportation

San Francisco, CA - (April 12, 2016) Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener, candidate for State Senate, announced his endorsement by Congresswoman and former State Senator Jackie Speier. Congresswoman Speier represents portions of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County.

In announcing her support, Congresswoman Speier stated "Scott delivers. He had been a prolific legislator on the Board advocating for parental leave, affordable housing and a reliable transportation system. In the midst of our economic resurgence, we need someone with an eye to our constant need for economic and social justice. Scott Wiener is that person. I'm proud to support him for the State Senate."

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Supervisor Wiener Announces Legislation to Ban Public Spending in States with LGBT Hate Laws

Ordinance will target not just travel for official city business, but will also ban contracting with companies in states that legally sanction discrimination against the LGBT community

San Francisco –  (April, 12 2016) Today at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Scott Wiener will announce that he is drafting legislation to prohibit City spending in states that have passed LGBT hate laws. The legislation will statutorily ban city sponsored travel to states with LGBT discriminatory laws, codifying Mayor Edwin Lee's executive order, and further make San Francisco the first jurisdiction to ban city-funded contracting with companies that are headquartered in these states and to ban purchase of goods and services produced in these states. Supervisor Wiener is collaborating with Mayor Lee on this legislation, who recently took the lead in creating Mayors Against Discrimination, which is a coalition of mayors formed to fight laws that discriminate against LGBT people. This would apply to recent laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi.

“Taxpayer dollars should not be funding travel to or spending in states that relegate LGBT people to second-class status,” said Supervisor Wiener.  “A despicable wave of anti-LGBT hate is rolling over parts of the South and Midwest. San Francisco needs to take a stand to show these states that these kinds of laws are unacceptable, and that we mean business. There need to be economic consequences for states that attack our community.”

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Board of Supervisors Passes Supervisor Wiener's Code Enforcement Reform Legislation to Improve Building Safety and Crack Down on Code Violators

Legislative package will grant the City Attorney and the Department of Building Inspection greater authority to pursue code violations, unify the code enforcement processes for all departments to create more accountability, and improve coordination across departments to improve building safety

San Francisco – (April 12, 2016) Today, the Board of Supervisors approved Supervisor Wiener’s code enforcement reform legislation to improve San Francisco’s code enforcement process, strengthen the City’s ability to crack down on serial code violators, and help code violators who want to correct their violations but cannot afford to do so. San Francisco’s current code enforcement process lacks coordination among different departments charged with inspecting and enforcing codes to keep San Francisco’s building stock safe and habitable, and creates accountability gaps that prevents the city from addressing significant violations of the Buildings, Fire, Health, and Planning Codes.

The legislation was unanimously recommended by the Planning Commission and the Building Inspection Commission.

“Making our buildings safe and habitable is good for tenants and for our neighborhoods,” said Supervisor Wiener. “We need to take clear and decisive action against serial code violators who ignore our laws. By strengthening our code enforcement process, we will empower our departments to act and improve accountability to the public, who bear the brunt of living in and among dilapidated buildings. This legislation will also provide more support for property owners to fix their properties when they cannot afford to do so.”

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San Francisco becomes the first City in the country to provide full wage replacement for workers taking leave to bond with child

San Francisco –  (April 5, 2016) Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Supervisor Scott Wiener’s legislation making San Francisco the first City in the country to require fully paid parental leave for workers.

Under current California law, employees taking parental leave receive up to 55% of their wages for six weeks through state disability. Supervisor Wiener’s ordinance requires that employers pay their employees the remaining balance of their income (45%), so that for up to six weeks of leave the employee will receive his or her full wages. The legislation applies to both parents and to both births and adoptions.

“Our country’s parental leave policies are woefully behind the rest of the world, and today San Francisco has taken the lead in pushing for better family leave policies for our workers,” said Supervisor Wiener. “We shouldn’t be forcing new mothers and fathers to choose between spending precious bonding time with their children and putting food on the table. I’m proud San Francisco is once again taking the lead in putting our workers and our families first."

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Secretary of State Alex Padilla, Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer and Assemblymember Bill Dodd Endorse Supervisor Scott Wiener for State Senate District 11

Democratic state constitutional and legislative leaders support Wiener’s effective leadership and ability to tackle the tough issues facing the Bay Area and California

San Francisco – (March 31, 2016) Secretary of State Alex Padilla, Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer and Assemblymember Bill Dodd join Supervisor Scott Wiener’s growing list of endorsers.

Wiener’s latest endorsements reflect the growing support among Democratic Assembly and State Senate members, and statewide office holders, who recognize Wiener’s determination and ability to take on and achieve results on the toughest issues facing our communities.

The future of our education system, the state of our environment, the immediate and future infrastructure improvements facing our transportation system, and the need for more affordable housing all require legislators with the demonstrated record of effective leadership and results that Supervisor Wiener exemplifies.

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Supervisor Wiener to Introduce Water Conservation Legislation Requiring Water Meters for Each Unit in New Multi-Unit Buildings

Legislation will require all new residential buildings to install water submeters for each unit so that residents can be billed individually, just as they are with electricity, and thus have greater incentive to conserve water

San Francisco  —  (March 22, 2016) Today, World Water Day, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation to require water submeters to be installed in all new residential multi-unit buildings. Separately metered units will allow individuals to know how much water they are using every month, and allow property owners to bill tenants individually for their water use, which will encourage people to conserve water. The legislation applies to all new buildings with two or more residential units.

“Addressing our structural water shortage requires systemic change in how we think about, use, and conserve water,” said Supervisor Wiener. “A key starting point is actually knowing how much water we use as individuals and being accountable for that use. Without this information on a monthly bill, people may not feel the same need to reduce water consumption as they do with electricity, which is already submetered. Water is not an endless commodity, and submetering our buildings will give residents crucial information to help conserve this precious resource.”

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Supervisor Wiener to Introduce Legislation to Use General Funds to Pay for Reduction in MTA Towing Fees

Budget supplemental will ensure that any reduction in towing fees do not impact Muni’s operation budget, which would reduce Muni service

San Francisco – (March 15, 2016) Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce a budget supplemental to ensure that any reduction in towing fees do not impact Muni’s operational budget. The legislation will allocate money from the general fund to cover the total revenue loss generated by reducing the towing fees, which is currently estimated at $3.5 million. Supervisor Wiener supports the reduction of towing fees, but is concerned about impacting Muni’s ability to provide transit service for San Francisco residents.

“I agree that our towing fees are incredibly high, and I’m supportive of finding ways to reduce the costs, particularly on our low-income residents,” said Supervisor Wiener. “However, if this reduction means that we see less funding for Muni operations, then we are punishing our residents who rely on Muni every day to get to work, to school, and to move about the city. If the Board of Supervisors wants to force MTA to reducing towing fees – as we should – the Board should pay for that cost. Otherwise, Muni riders will pay the cost by having worse Muni service.”

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Supervisor Scott Wiener Announces New Endorsements by CA Small Business Association, CA Professional Firefighters, LiUNA Pacific Southwest Region, Pacific Contractors Association, Former Sup. Angela Alioto, Former CCSF Trustee Johnnie Carter

Wiener continues to build upon a diverse list of endorsers, demonstrating strong and broad support for his State Senate candidacy.

San Francisco, CA – (March 9, 2016) Supervisor Scott Wiener announced new endorsements in his campaign for Senate District 11, building on his landslide Democratic Party endorsement in late February, making him the official party standard-bearer in the race.

With the endorsement of the California Small Business Association, California Professional Firefighters, Laborer's International Union of North America (LiUNA) Pacific Southwest Region, Pacific Contractors Association, and progressive local leaders Angela Alioto and Johnnie Carter, Wiener continues to build a diverse list of endorsers, demonstrating strong and broad support for his candidacy.

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