Supervisor Wiener’s Statement on U.S. Navy Decision to Name a Ship After Harvey Milk

San Francisco — (July 28, 2016) Today, news broke that the United States Navy will name a ship the USNS Harvey Milk, after the great San Francisco LGBT and civil rights leader. Supervisor Wiener released the following statement:

“This is an incredible day for the LGBT community and for our country. As a gay man and a San Franciscan, I’m incredibly proud that the Navy is honoring Harvey Milk — and the entire LGBT community — by naming a ship after him. This momentous decision sends a powerful message around the world about who we are as a country and the values we hold. When Harvey Milk served in the military, he couldn’t tell anyone who he truly was. Now our country is telling the men and women who serve, and the entire world, that we honor and support people for who they are. Harvey Milk’s strength continues to reverberate throughout our city, our country, and the world.”

Supervisor Wiener authored a resolution at the Board of Supervisors in 2012 urging the Navy to name a ship after Harvey Milk. You can read the resolution here.


Supervisors Wiener and Avalos Come Together to Put Forward Consensus Street Measure for November Election

November ballot measure will end City program that transfers street tree responsibility and liability to private property owners, and pay for maintenance responsibility and liability for all street trees and sidewalk damaged caused by trees through budget set-aside

San Francisco — (July 26, 2016) Today Supervisors John Avalos and Scott Wiener announced an agreement to put forward a consensus street tree measure for the November election that will end the City’s street tree transfer program and guarantee funding to pay for street tree maintenance and liability. The ballot measure requires the City to assume responsibility for all street trees — including tree maintenance, sidewalk damage, and liability — and provides a long-term dedicated funding source to do so.

“I’m proud to have partnered with Supervisor Avalos to craft a smart and sustainable solution to ensure the long-term viability of our urban forest,” said Supervisor Wiener, who has been working on this issue with Friends of the Urban Forest for almost six years. “Trees are critical for our environment, health, and quality of life, but for decades San Francisco has failed in funding the basic task of maintaining our urban forest. This measure will allow us to create a vibrant and growing tree canopy for all residents. San Francisco should be the greenest city in America. Our residents deserve better and it’s time to fund our urban forest once and for all.”

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Board of Supervisors Passes Supervisor Wiener’s LGBT Data Collection Legislation to Improve Support for LGBT Community

Legislation requires that City Departments and contractors collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity to improve services and develop policies to support LGBT community

San Francisco —  (July 20, 2016) On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Supervisor Scott Wiener’s LGBT data collection legislation, which will improve support for the LGBT community. The ordinance requires City departments and contractors providing health care and social services to seek, collect, and analyze data concerning the sexual orientation and gender identity of the clients they serve. Clients have the right to not provide the data.

“For years we have heard stories about how programs and facilities could better serve our community, but so much evidence has been anecdotal,” said Supervisor Wiener, who published a piece on Huffington Post on the legislation. “This legislation will allow us to collect real data that can be analyzed to show us where our City departments and non-profits are succeeding, and where they need improvement in meeting the diverse and significant needs of the LGBT community. I want to thank my colleagues on the Board for their unanimous support of this important legislation which will truly change people’s lives.”

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Jane Kim Chooses Tents Over Housing

Kim votes against $50 million in annual funding for housing for homeless people, while at the same time insisting people have a right to live in tents on the street

San Francisco, CA - (July 20, 2016) Supervisor Jane Kim voted on Tuesday to oppose $50 million in annual funding - $1 billion over 20 years - that will create permanent housing for homeless people, as well as build additional navigation centers to get people off the streets and into services. Kim cast this vote while also taking the position that living in tents on public sidewalks should be legal. Kim has a long record opposing efforts to reduce tents on our streets.

"Protecting the right to pitch tents on public sidewalks is more important to Jane Kim than ensuring sustainable funding for new housing and navigation centers that would actually move the homeless off the street and into safe, permanent housing,” said Maggie Muir, campaign consultant to Supervisor Scott Wiener.

Kim supports the right to pitch a tent on any public sidewalk, park or plaza. She criticized the city for removing the massive tent encampment on Division Street and supports state legislation that would wipe away San Francisco's local laws against camping on sidewalks and other public spaces.

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Supervisor Wiener Calls for Hearing on Preserving LGBT Nightlife Spaces and on Status of Stalled LGBT Cultural District

With possible loss of the Stud, and other LGBT venues in SOMA at risk, Supervisor Wiener calls for renewed, strong response to ensuring these safe cultural spaces continue to exist and also calls for long-stalled SOMA LGBT Cultural District to move forward

San Francisco, CA – (July 12, 2016) Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener announced that he will hold a public hearing on how best to protect and preserve our LGBT nightlife spaces. The community recently learned that, due to a rent increase and possible site development, the Stud (at 9th and Harrison) - an iconic and beloved LGBT nightlife venue - is at risk of closure. A community effort has come together to save the Stud. Other SOMA LGBT nightlife venues are also at risk.

In addition, Supervisor Wiener will seek to push forward the long-stalled SOMA LGBT Cultural District. Despite being required as part of the Western SOMA plan in 2013, that cultural district has been delayed for years. At the hearing, the Entertainment Commission, the Planning Department, and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development will be asked to report.

Supervisor Wiener, a gay man who has frequented many of our city's LGBT nightlife venues for years, has long worked to preserve our LGBT nightlife. Supervisor Wiener authored legislation to landmark the Twin Peaks Tavern in the Castro - the first gay bar with open windows. Wiener worked closely with Heklina and her business partners to open Oasis, at 11th and Folsom, and helped the owners of the revived Eagle get their business going.

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Scott Wiener urges Jane Kim to Sign a Pledge To Stop Demanding Gimmicky, Self-Serving Pledges

July 7, 2016

**For Immediate Release**

Scott Wiener urges Jane Kim to Sign a Pledge To Stop Demanding Gimmicky, Self-Serving Pledges

San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Supervisor and State Senate candidate Scott Wiener today urged his opponent Jane Kim to sign a “Pledge To Stop Demanding Gimmicky Self-Serving Pledges."

In a letter to Kim, Wiener noted Kim’s repeated requests to sign her self-serving pledges as anti-democratic and ill-advised attempts to censor the full and informed debate that voters deserve. These pledges include:

  • Kim's insistence that Wiener agree not to refer to her record or even say her name during the campaign - also known as the "don't say my name" pledge.
  • Kim's newest demand that Wiener effectively renounce his endorsement by the Democratic Party and by LGBT civil rights groups, by agreeing to pay a penalty if the Democratic Party or LGBT groups send out any voter communication listing their endorsement.

By signing Supervisor Wiener’s proposed “Pledge To Stop Demanding Gimmicky Self-Serving Pledges," the candidates can engage in a democratic, open and substantive debate of the issues and candidate records.

(Full text of letter to Jane Kim is below.)



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Letter to Supervisor Kim About the Importance of Accurate Information in Campaigns


June 29, 2016

Supervisor Jane Kim
Jane Kim for State Senate
91 McAllister St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Supervisor Kim:

Thank you for your letter earlier today, in which you suggest that our campaigns agree not to disseminate any campaign communications referring to each other or to the other candidate’s record.

As an initial matter, we were surprised to receive your letter, given that you ran an intensely negative, false, and misleading campaign against Supervisor Wiener in the primary. Through digital ads, email blasts, and mailers, you aggressively attacked Supervisor Wiener, including a brazen lie about who was supporting him financially. You also defamed Equality California, the largest LGBT civil rights organization in California. It’s odd, at best, that your campaign, after engaging in such negative and defamatory campaigning would then turn around and insist that we not engage in factually accurate campaigning about each other’s record and not even mention each other’s names, no matter what the context.

Before we can consider any pledge, we insist that you publicly apologize for and retract your false statements about Supervisor Wiener and Equality California. Until you set the record straight, there is nothing to discuss.

On the larger issue, we question why you believe it is a service to the voters to allow either of us to have a monopoly on portraying our own records to the public, with no opportunity for the other side to point out contrasts or differences in policy. While we understand your desire for the voters not to learn about your complete record – as opposed to the information that you, and you alone, choose for them to learn – we believe the voters are best served with diverse sources of information, including from the opposing campaign.

We would be more open to this proposed pledge if we had any confidence that you would fully and accurately describe your own record. An issue-oriented campaign is most effective when the voters receive accurate information about both candidates. Your campaign’s communications about your record have been neither complete nor accurate. For example:

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At today’s Board meeting, Supervisor Wiener to amend pending legislation to give fire victims preference under the Displaced Tenant category in the affordable housing lottery

San Francisco — (June 28, 2016) Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce an amendment to pending legislation that will help low-income residents displaced by fire stay in San Francisco by giving them preference in the affordable housing lottery. Currently, there is a preference in the lottery for tenants displaced by certain evictions. Supervisor Wiener’s amendment will add residents displaced by fire to those who qualify under the Displaced Tenant category.

Supervisor Wiener has legislation on the agenda for today’s Board of Supervisors meeting that amends the affordable housing lottery to prioritize San Francisco residents and workers in the affordable housing lottery. He will amend this pending legislation to include an amendment adding victims of fire to the Displaced Tenant category. Supervisor Wiener has previously responded to fire victims by creating the Good Samaritan Program, which allows property owners to rent to victims of fire on a temporary basis at a discounted rate. That previous legislation was initiated after a series of arsons in the Castro in the 2011.

“Victims of fire have no time to prepare for their displacement — fires are sudden and merciless,” said Supervisor Wiener. “But the City can help get people back into homes. We helped with the Good Samaritan Law, and we can help by giving fire victims preference in securing affordable housing. These low-income residents and families are extremely vulnerable to being forced out of the City. By giving them a real shot at an affordable housing unit, we will make a real difference in keeping them in San Francisco and in their community.”

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Legislation to close a loophole in the San Francisco Rent Ordinance that exempts recipients of the federal housing program for people living with HIV/AIDS (known as HOPWA) from rent control protections

San Francisco – (June 14, 2016) Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation by Supervisor Scott Wiener to extend rent control to people living with HIV/AIDS who are a part of a federal housing subsidy program known as HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS). Under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, HOPWA recipients do not receive the same rent protections under rent control as other recipients of federal voucher programs. The legislation was co-sponsored by Supervisor David Campos and Board President London Breed.

HOPWA recipients have no protections against rent increases, which means that even if they live in a rent-controlled building, their rent can be increased to market rate at any time. Supervisor Wiener’s legislation will end this exemption so that HOPWA recipients, many of whom are seniors and long-term HIV survivors, have the same rent control protections as other recipients of federal vouchers.

“People living with HIV/AIDS, who are often long-term survivors and seniors, need housing security as much as anyone,” said Supervisor Wiener. “As a City we need to do everything we can to protect these members of our community and keep them stable in their homes. This is a straightforward change that will impact the lives of some of our most vulnerable residents.”

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Meeting will bring together representatives from the LGBT nightlife community and San Francisco Police Department to plan for a safe Pride celebration

San Francisco –  Supervisor Wiener has announced that he will be bringing together members of the LGBT nightlife community and the San Francisco Police Department to address public safety concerns raised by the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando on Sunday. At a meeting to take place later this week, owners of bars and clubs in the Castro and South of Market neighborhoods will meet with Supervisor Wiener and the San Francisco Police Department to discuss preparations for the upcoming San Francisco Pride celebrations at the end of June.

“No act of violence -- even one as evil as what Orlando experienced on Sunday -- will stop us from coming together to celebrate the LGBT community at Pride this year. More than ever, we need to show the strength and love of our community to the world,” said Supervisor Wiener. “But I have heard concerns from our nightlife community, who care deeply about providing welcoming places for people to celebrate and who want to make sure we are prepared to keep everyone safe. This is an important conversation to have now so that everyone attending Pride can focus on the joyful reasons we are all together, and not be fearful of those threatened by our way of life.”

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