Nightlife Transportation Hearing

I recently called for a hearing to take a close look at late night transportation in San Francisco (link is external). Nightlife is a significant part of our cultural lifeblood, as well as a $4.2 billion part of our economy, including 50,000 jobs. Despite the significance of nightlife in our city, our transportation systems haven't always been up to the task in terms of late night transit options. Both BART and the Muni underground stop running shortly after midnight - even on Friday and Saturday nights - and Muni's evening subway service is skeletal at best, consistent with the agency's prevailing view that reliable subway service isn't critical outside of business hours. (Early morning Muni isn't much better, with the subway not even starting to run until 8 am on Sundays.) Muni also doesn't publicize or centrally locate information about which bus lines do run overnight. Taxi service in San Francisco is generally poor - though improving thanks to aggressive efforts by MTA - and even worse when the bars close. Ride sharing services have improved the situation, but there are questions about safety. We need to be sure that people leaving bars or getting off work late at night have reliable, safe, and accessible transit options, so they don't drive drunk or end up waiting in the dark for a bus that comes once an hour.

At the hearing, a broad range of transportation providers - including MTA, BART, AC Transit, ride-share companies, and the taxi industry -- as well as nightlife industry leaders will report on the current state of late night transit options and proposals for improving service. The hearing will take place sometime in March.

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