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May 2015 Newsletter

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Saturday, May 30th
Church Street Cafe
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NOTE: Occasionally, we need to reschedule office hours.  To ensure that you learn of any changes before making the effort to attend, please check with the office a day or two before or call the office to put your name on the office hours list so that we can notify you if any changes occur.


Join Me for Pride!

Please join me for the 45th SF Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28th.  Don't miss out on all the colorful and outrageous fun that makes Pride a must-attend event every year.  For those who have never marched in the Parade before, this will be an unforgettable experience.  Friends, families, children and pets are all encouraged to join in the festivities. To join us in the celebration, please email your name, t-shirt size and mobile number to Adam Taylor at or call my office at 415-554-6968.  Don't miss out on this fantastic, only in San Francisco celebration!



We need More Affordable Housing, Not a Housing Moratorium
The proposal to place a moratorium on all housing development in the Mission, except for 100% affordable housing, will be before the Board of Supervisors next week. A ballot measure has also been submitted to bring the same measure to the voters this fall. While the moratorium comes from a legitimate concern about our escalating housing crisis, it is the wrong solution to a very real problem. Stopping the construction of new housing will only intensify the pressures on rents and property values in the mission, while reducing the amount of money generated for affordable housing. I recently wrote a piece in Medium, explaining that we need to build more affordable housing, not halt the creation of housing, to solve our housing crisis. Grow SF – a non-profit working to increase affordable and market-rate housing in the Bay Area – wrote an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, which you can read here. Even high school students at John O’Connell High School in the Mission agree that the Moratorium is not the right solution.

Water Reuse Legislation at Land Use Committee
Our drought is a long-term structural challenge requiring a wide range of policy solutions from both state and local governments and a change in how we think about and consume water. I’ve authored legislation to require large developments over 250,000 square feet to use alternate water sources – like greywater systems, blackwater systems, foundation water, and stormwater – for non-potable water uses, like toilet flushing and irrigation. I’m a proponent of new housing and office creation, but we need to be smart in how we do so in San Francisco, and one way to mitigate the impact on our city and our state is to reduce the amount of water used in these new developments. Additionally, the legislation calls on city departments to use only non-potable water sources for irrigation and cleaning within five years. While this is an ambitious goal, we shouldn’t be cleaning and irrigating our streets, parks, and plazas with Hetch Hetchy water. 

Scott speaking at a press conference at Jane Warner Plaza announcing an increase in transit funding

Increased Transit Funding From Prop B and Other Sources
After years of underinvestment in our transportation system, we are finally starting to see a reversal of that trend. Earlier this month, Mayor Lee and I announced an increase of $48 million in our public transit system, a large portion of which is the result of the passage of Prop B, the ballot measure I authored to tie transportation funding to population growth. As our population increases and our streets become more congested, we need to continue to aggressively invest in our transit system.

Health Warning Labels on Advertisements for Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
Last November, 56% of San Francisco voters supported our proposed soda tax to address the explosion of type 2 diabetes and other illnesses linked to sugary drinks.  While we didn't achieve the required 2/3 vote, the voters made clear that they want us to take action to address this problem. In that spirit, I’ve proposed legislation to require health warnings on advertisements for sugar-sweetened beverages, similar to health warnings on cigarette ads. These health warnings will give people the information they need to make informed choices about how these drinks are impacting their lives and the lives of people in the community. The legislation, along with companion legislation by Supervisors Malia Cohen and Eric Mar, will be at the Land Use and Transportation Committee on Monday, June 1st.

Billion Dollar Economic Impact of Outdoor Events
Last week, I held a hearing on a report I requested from the City Economist on the economic impact of outdoor events in San Francisco. The study found that in addition to the wonderful cultural benefits brought to us by festivals, parades, and street fairs, the events bring significant economic benefits, including $1.1 billion in economic activity in 2014 alone. At the hearing, we also heard from representatives of the Entertainment Commission and event producers about the importance of outdoor events, but also the challenges they encounter in putting them on. You can read the report here.

Scott with award recipients at the annual Noe Valley Merchant & Professionals Association's Small Business Awards

Keeping Our Ground Floor Retail Spaces Active
Keeping our neighborhood commercial corridors active requires that we have active retail uses with robust foot traffic not just during the day but in the evening and on weekends. When too many office uses occupy ground floor retail space, that vibrancy is reduced. Earlier this month, the Board of Supervisors passed my legislation to encourage active use for ground floor retail vacancies in the Upper Market, Castro and Noe Valley neighborhoods. The legislation requires that any business and professional service – like a real estate office, title company, or other office use – that wants to occupy a ground floor retail space must go through a conditional use process.  The controls only apply to the ground floor and make clear that no additional requirements will apply to offices opening on the second floor of a building.

Tenant Notification Legislation
Our housing affordability crisis requires both creating new homes and helping to keep people in their current homes. At the next Board of Supervisors meeting, I will be introducing legislation to close a significant loophole that currently leaves tens of thousands of tenants vulnerable to losing their homes without ever being notified and provided with an opportunity to contest the loss.  Currently, tenants who live in illegal units – such as in-law units – are not required by law to be notified if a property owner applies for a building permit to demolish that unit. Without that notice, people have no ability to avail themselves of their appeal rights to protect themselves from eviction. My legislation will require that property owners provide notice to tenants before applying for a permit to demolish their unit.  Tenants will then be able to avail themselves of whatever rights they may have under the law. During these challenging housing times, we should be encouraging property owners to legalize these units, not demolish them, as we need to increase housing in San Francisco, not decrease it.

Expanding Bike Share in San Francisco and the Bay Area
We need to expand our bike share pilot beyond the downtown core it currently serves, so that residents all over San Francisco can access it.  This week, a proposal to do just that is coming to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, on which I sit on as a commissioner. The plan will expand the number of bikes in San Francisco to 4,500, up from the current 328. I’m excited to help move this proposal forward. A robust and sustainable bike share network is a key part of being a Transit First city and will allow us to reduce traffic, improve public transit, and stimulate our economy. Here's a link for public input on the the siting of stations

Scott speaking at the press conference announcing the new bike share expansion

California Vaccine Bill Clears State Senate
Senate Bill 277, which will remove the personal belief exemption from vaccine requirements for school children, was approved by the State Senate the week before last, and now heads to the Assembly. This important measure will protect the health of our children and our communities. At the Board of Supervisors, I authored a resolution putting San Francisco on record supporting SB 277.

Massage Legislation
Supervisor Katy Tang recently authored legislation, which passed the Board of Supervisors, to implement more oversight over the massage profession, most notably to require a conditional use permit for any new massage establishments to open (exempting solo practitioners, including up to four solo practitioners co-locating). This legislation was aimed at combatting the bad actors who use the cover of a massage establishment to run human trafficking operations.  However, it also deeply affects the many legitimate massage professionals who are good small businesses and employers. While Supervisor Tang worked to mitigate the impacts on legitimate businesses, for which I applaud her, I’m working on follow-up legislation to address additional needs of massage practitioners, and I hope to improve what is a difficult situation for these legitimate massage practitioners.

The Roxie Theater

For Small Business week, I had the privilege of honoring the Roxie Theater as the District 8 Small Business of the Year. The Roxie is the oldest continuously-operated cinema in the United States, and has become a cultural treasure to the neighborhood and San Francisco as a whole.

Scott with the owners and supporters of the Roxie at Small Business Week


Pride weekend is fast approaching, and from June 26th-29th you can participate in any number of events:

Trans March
On Friday, June 26th the San Francisco Trans March celebrates "Power Through Visibility" and invites community and allies to their event on Dolores Street between 18th - 20th Streets for a street festival, resource fair, stage performances and youth and elder brunch.  Brunch hosted by LYRIC and Open House from 12:00-2:00pm followed by resource fair and performances from 3:00-6:00pm.  A street march beginning at 6:00pm will head towards United Nation Plaza near Civic Center for speeches and civic action.  After Party and TGIJP Fundraiser will take place at El Rio 8:00pm-1:00am. Click here for more.

Dyke March
The Dyke March is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at the intersection of 18th and Dolores Streets.  The program will include a blessing by Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits, local DJs, speakers, a rocking drumming group, and the March.  This year, the March will be starting earlier - 3:30pm. The organizers are looking forward to celebrating their dykeness with all dykes, lesbians, womyn, and allies.  Please note, Dyke March is a women's space.  While support is appreciated from male allies, they ask that you support the March from the side lines. Interested in helping with Dyke March?  Send them a note: or click here for more.

Scott celebrating Harvey Milk Day with the Day Men's Chorus

Pink Party
The Pink Party will take place on Saturday, June 27th from 3:00-8:00pm in the Castro, and will represent the best of the LGBT community – bringing people together across our many differences – age, race, income and geography – to be our authentic selves and celebrate our community.  It will be an all ages party and alcohol will not be available as part of the activities. As in past years, the organizers will request a donation at the gates, but no one will be turned away. There will be expanded entertainment options with four stages featuring a variety of DJs, live music, drag performances and speakers.  The security personnel is increased significantly from previous years and the organizers are also working closely with the SFPD.

SF Pride
Equality Without Exception is the theme of the 45th Annual SF LGBT Pride Celebration which will take place on June 27 and 28, 2015 at Civic Center Plaza. Sunday's festivities will include more than 20 community-produced stages and venues. The Parade will kick-off at 10:30 am on Sunday, June 28 along Market Street, from Beale to 8th Streets. The San Francisco Pride Board of Directors is hosting an SF Pride @ 45 Kickoff Party at the Hotel Whitcomb Ballroom on Saturday May 30th. Information about the Parade and Celebration, including entertainment line-up, parade and exhibitor registration, kickoff party tickets, grandstand tickets and VIP party tickets can be found here.

Dolores Park
Finishing touches are being completed around the north side of the park, with a few items left to complete, including the final sections of fences, paving at key locations around the edges of the park & the 19th Street bell plaza, installation of site furnishings, new planting, especially the flower beds along the 19th street promenade and entrances to the park, final adjustments to the new irrigation system, and testing of all the systems & installation of the free Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, the grass sod continues to take root and establish itself, which is an important step as large summer crowds are anticipated for the park. The pathway that connects the playground to the north side of the park has also been finished, and will fully open along with the north side of the park.

Guerrero Median Greening
We’re on track for a June 15th completion date of all partially planted and un-planted medians. SF Public Works is still looking for neighbors who would like volunteer as Guerrero Median stewards.  These stewards will help support SF Public Works efforts to maintain the medians by: (1) organizing quarterly clean-ups coordinated with SF Public Works to keep the medians looking great, (2) help communicate any updates regarding the medians to neighbors, and to (3) inform SF Public Works about any major damage or to request any assistance with keeping the medians maintained.For more information or to volunteer, please contact Jerad Weiner, Community Programs Manager at SF Public Works, at or (415) 595-6933.

Scott with Mayor Lee, Chief Greg Suhr and fellow Supervisors during the announcement of funding for more Police Academy Classes in this year's budget

Pink Triangle Commemoration – Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed to help install the huge one-acre Pink Triangle for Pride Weekend on Twin Peaks. This will be the 20th Pink Triangle display, and help is needed to both set it up on June 27th in the morning - and/or - take it down on June 28th in the late afternoon. To volunteer, bring a hammer & gloves, wear closed-shoes and wear sunscreen. Fashionable Pink Triangle t-shirts will be provided to all who help. For more information/to volunteer contact Patrick Carney at or (415) 726-4914.

Glenridge Co-op Nursery School Lease Extension
The Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School has been operating at the Silver Tree Building in Glen Canyon since 1970. This amazing, non-profit school has always had tremendous parental support, which is evidenced by the recent efforts of this community to raise over $40,000 for a new roof for the Silver Tree Building, which is owned by Rec and Park. With this significant and generous commitment, the parents requested a longer lease than the standard 5 year lease they had been operating under. I authored legislation to allow the school to enter into a 15 year lease with Rec and Park, which the Board passed unanimously. I'm very pleased that we have secured another 15 years of having Glenridge serving the families of our city.

Scott with Matt Nault and Courtney Young-Law from the Glenridge Co-op Nursery School, and legislative aide Jeff Cretan


Glen Park Greenway Community Meeting
Thursday, May 28th
Glen Park Recreation Center, 70 Elk Street
Join us for the first community meeting on the Glen Park greenway! This is an exciting first step to improve open space in our neighborhood.

SF Planning and DBI Neighborhood Workshop  
Saturday, June 6th
Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 100 Collingwood Street
San Francisco Planning is getting ready to launch a series of Mobile Planning Information Center events, or Mobile PICs, in neighborhoods throughout the City this summer. The focus of the event will be on in-law units.



Scott at the California Democratic Convention with the SF State College Democrats

Relay For Life
June 6-7
1:00pm – 7:00am
Fort Mason, Great Meadow
Bring a team of friends, family, or coworkers and get involved to fight cancer! Join your local community to raise funds and stand up against this disease that affects all of us. You can do something. This overnight event symbolizes the challenges and struggles people face when fighting cancer. Stay the night and take turns to walk with your team, participate in exciting activities and share stories with other cancer survivors and caregivers. American Cancer Society has and continues to impact the people affected by a cancer diagnosis right here in San Francisco: 1261 patients in SF County were served by ACS in 2014 - including 743 newly diagnosed patients and 496 medically underserved (uninsured/underinsured). Click here for more.

OUTspoken: LGBTQ Luminaries Opening Night Reception
Tuesday, June 9th
San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Ground Floor
Internationally renowned artist, Roger Erickson, returns home for first-ever exhibition featuring portraits of LGBTQ luminaries. On view June 9 – October 16, 2015. Free and open to the public. No RSVP necessary. Click here for more.

Scott at the Sunnyside Elementary School Springfest

Love Your Parks Day 2015
Thursday, June 11th
Sue Bierman Park, Washington Street and the Embarcadero
Meet fellow park lovers and enjoy music by CZ and the Bon Vivants! Food and drink will be available for purchase from the Big Red Beer Wagon and assorted food trucks. Click here for more.

San Francisco Village Informational Meeting
Sunday, June 14th
Upper Noe Recreation Center, 295 Day Street
San Francisco Village is a membership organization dedicated to empowering older adults to continue to live active and full lives in their own homes and neighborhoods. Village members have access to expert guidance and support so that they remain independent and connect as they age. To join San Francisco Village or learn more about the benefits of becoming a member, please attend our upcoming meeting in Noe Valley.

Community Clean Team – District 8
Saturday, June 20th
Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy: 4235 19th Street
Bring some friends and have a fun time cleaning up the neighborhood. Lunch will be provided for volunteers, RSVP required.

Noe Valley SummerFEST
Saturday, June 20th
Noe Street: 24th to Elizabeth
Help welcome summer into the neighborhood with horse drawn carriages, live music and more! It will be a blast.

San Francisco Housing EXPO and Resource Fair
Saturday, June 20th
St. Mary’s Cathedral, 111 Gough Street
Homebuyers: Learn about downpayment assistance programs, credit tools and special mortgage products. View select affordable homes with industry experts as your tour guide. Homeowners: Learn about home maintenance resources and find out if you qualify for zero- low cost home repairs. Meet with HUD certified housing counselors, mortgage servicers and Keep Your Home CA. Tenants: Learn about affordable rental housing options, credit building, money management and other resources. Click here for more.

Scott celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE Day with Russian Jewish Emigres, including veterans who who fought in the war, at an event organized by the Jewish Family and Children Services

Midsummer Fire
Saturday, June 20th
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive
Enjoy an evening of jazz with singers Janet Lohr & John Gaffney with the Midsummer Fire Trio along with dinner and live and silent auctions. The event benefits St. Aidan’s outreach programs such as the weekly Food Pantry, Diamond Diners and Resilient Diamond Heights. For information, call St. Aidan’s at 415-285-9540 or click here.

Community Forum at Noe Valley Ministry
Monday, June 22nd
1021 Sanchez Street
Join to discuss Cars, Bicycles, and Pedestrians in Noe Valley.

Pink Triangle Commemoration
Saturday, June 27th
Twin Peaks Overlook
The Pink Triangle commemorates the gay victims who were killed in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Volunteers transform the side of the Twin Peaks north hill facing the Castro district and downtown San Francisco, into a memorial by installing a giant pink triangle made up of dozens of pieces of pink canvas that can be seen from miles away during SF Pride weekend each year. Click here for more information.

SF Pride Parade
Sunday, June 28th
Market St: Beale to 8th Street
Please join me for the 45th SF Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28th.  Don't miss out on all the colorful and outrageous fun that makes Pride a must-attend event every year.  Don't miss out on this fantastic, only in San Francisco celebration!

Pride Law Fund Bay Cruise
Sunday, July 12thAdd control panel user
3:00-6:00pmAdd control panel user
San Francisco Ferry Building, Gate E
Enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvres, and fantastic views aboard FDR’s presidential yacht, the U.Add control panel userS.S. Potomac (also known as the “Floating White House”). All proceeds benefit Pride Law Fund’s year-long and summer fellowships for new lawyers and law students focusing on LGBT civil rights advocacy. Click here for more info.

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