Rally Against Proposed Off-Leash Dog Restrictions

off-leash_dogs.jpgRecently, I joined Representative Jackie Speier, Board President David Chiu, representatives from the Marin and San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, and community members to express opposition to the proposed off-leash dog restrictions at GGNRA lands, including Fort Funston, Ocean Beach, and Crissy Field. Both San Francisco and Marin Counties have passed resolutions opposing these restrictive changes, and soon San Mateo will join us. We need to ensure that our park areas maintain a balance that continues to allow for active recreation and dog access.

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Urging the Archbishop to Withdraw from Anti-LGBT Rally

archbishop.jpgPope Francis has been urging the Catholic Church  to focus more on issues like ending war and poverty, rather than condemning marriage equality and other civil rights efforts. Unfortunately, San Francisco's Archbishop is charting his own misguided course by agreeing to join the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) march in Washington D.C. I have joined many in requesting that the Archbishop withdraw his participation from NOM's anti-LGBT rally.

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Agreement on Restoring the Vehicle License Fee

vlf.jpgYesterday, we reached an agreement with Mayor Ed Lee to move forward with the restoration of the Vehicle License Fee for the November 2016 ballot. This is good news for the future of the VLF, which will provide much-needed and stable funding for street repaving, Muni reliability, and street safety upgrades. We need to restore the Vehicle License Fee to its historic level of 2%, which it was at for decades prior to when Governor Schwarznegger cut it down to the current .65%.

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My Resolution Urging Muni Drivers to End Sick-Out

sickout.jpgToday I introduced a resolution at the Board urging Muni drivers to end their sick-out and return to the arbitration process. Muni drivers have a tough job, and they deserve good pay and benefits as well as respect for their service to our city. Similarly, Muni riders deserve to have a functional system to get to work, school, doctor's appointments, the grocery store, and elsewhere. Muni drivers need to end the sick-out, get the system back up and running, and go through the charter-mandated arbitration process to arrive at a contract.

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We Need the Vehicle License Fee

streetsbond.jpgRestoring the Vehicle License Fee to its historic level is an essential step we need to take to improve Muni and to repave our streets. This proposal came out of the Mayor's Transportation 2030 Task Force, in addition to the proposal to put a $500 million bond on the November ballot. Both of these measures will help improve our drastically underfunded Muni system, and pay for the continuation of the great street repaving efforts that were started with the 2011 Streets Bond.  We must put the VLF on the ballot, and pass it.

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Celebrating the Harvey Milk Stamp

harvey.jpgThis week at City Hall -- and across the city and country -- we celebrated the release of the Harvey Milk stamp. This is a great moment for the LGBT Community to celebrate Harvey's life and work, and to know that his message will be spread throughout the country. It was wondeful seeing Harvey back in City Hall again, where he belongs.

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Backfilling HIV Funding Cuts

200909_hiv_ribbon.jpgAt a hearing I held yesterday to assess federal budget cuts to HIV services in San Francisco, representatives from Mayor Ed Lee's office announced the Mayor's intent to propose backfilling the entirety of the estimated $2.7 million in cuts as part of the Mayor's budget proposal to the Board of Supervisors. I'm thrilled the Mayor is continuing to demonstrate San Francisco's unwavering support for those living with and at risk for HIV.

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Land Use Committee Supportive of Utility Box Legislation

utility_box.jpgThe Land Use and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Supervisors held a hearing on my legislation to improve the process for placing utility boxes -- like AT&T's U-verse cabinets -- on our city sidewalks. This legislation will -- for the first time -- put binding procedures in place to require neighborhood outreach, require utilites to allow artwork like murals on their boxes and place greening near the boxes, and make meaningful efforts to place the boxes on private property. Due to a noticing requirement the legislation needs to stay in committee for one more week. But the committee indicated support for the legislation, which will mean that the legislation will go before the full Board of Supervisors next Tuesday for a vote.

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Stopping Subversion of Pedestrian Safety on our Streets

hunters_point_0003_jc1.jpgAt today's Board of Supervisors meeting, I called for a series of measures to ensure safe street design and to bolster pedestrian safety and neighborhood livability. Recently, the Fire Department and the Department of Public Works have attempted to widen the streets in new developments at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point in direct contradiction to directives from the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors and years of neighborhood planning. To address this, I will be proposing amendments to the Fire, Public Works, and Administrative Codes to clarify required street widths and oversight of approvals related to street widths. I have also called for a hearing on the specific proposal to widen the streets at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. Additionally, I've requested a report by the Budget Legislative Analyst on the possibility of the Fire Department using smaller trucks on San Francisco's many narrow streets, as well as a hearing on this report.

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Muni Performance Hearing

muni.jpgYesterday, MTA delivered its latest Quarterly Muni Performance Report at a hearing at the Land Use and Economic Development Committee. At the hearing, we learned that ridership on Muni is up and that on-time performance is essentially unchanged from a year ago. The good news is that we are slowly adding vehicles to the fleet and a number of operational enhancements that are improving service in our system. But we are still suffering from subway service disruptions, and our buses are more crowded than they've ever been during rush hour. We need to continue to work to fund Muni operations and prioritize these improvements for all of our transit riders.

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