The Bay Area Reporter Endorses Scott Wiener

This editorial first appeared on The Bay Area Reporter on May 12, 2016

San Francisco voters, along with those in some northern San Mateo County cities, have an opportunity to send a qualified gay man to Sacramento in Scott Wiener, who's seeking to replace a fellow gay man, Mark Leno, in the District 11 state Senate seat. We endorse Wiener in this race, as he's the one candidate who's able to hit the ground running on numerous state and regional issues. During his time on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Wiener has been one of the hardest working members, taking on issues other supervisors don't want to handle or forging his own legislative agenda, with an emphasis on housing and transportation, both of which are critical to San Francisco's – and the Bay Area's – future success.

If elected, Wiener promises to bring that same tenacity to the Capitol.

It's important to know that once Wiener sets his mind on something, he pushes until he succeeds, or often tries again if he doesn't. When his ballot measure for a tax on sugary beverages fell short of the two-thirds vote it needed to pass in 2014, Wiener and Supervisors Malia Cohen and Eric Mar came back with another approach: an ordinance requiring health warnings on posted soda ads in San Francisco. It passed but is being challenged in court. When a bunch of nudists took over Jane Warner Plaza a few years back, Wiener first tried legislation that required a towel to be placed on the seats nudists used. When that didn't work, he passed legislation to ban public nudity in the city, with the exceptions of some street fairs and festivals, like the San Francisco LGBT Pride parade.

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"Big 3" Bay Area Mayors Endorse Scott Wiener for State Senate

Citing Wiener's regional leadership on housing, transportation, and other key challenges facing the Bay Area, Mayors Edwin Lee of San Francisco, Libby Schaaf of Oakland, and Sam Liccardo of San Jose endorse his candidacy

San Francisco - (May 10, 2016) Today, the Mayors of the three big Bay Area cities - San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo - all endorsed Supervisor Scott Wiener's candidacy for the California State Senate. 

In endorsing Wiener, the three Mayors cited the critical need for the Bay Area to work together to tackle the regions's challenges around housing, transportation, water, and other issues, as well as Wiener's demonstrated track record of effective leadership.

"Scott Wiener consistently stands up for smart housing and transportation policy," said Mayor Lee. "San Francisco's congestion and housing affordability problems cannot be solved in a vacuum, and the region needs to work together. I've seen Scott's ability to bring regional leaders together, and that ability will serve him - and San Francisco - well in the State Senate."

According to Mayor Schaaf: "Scott understands that our cities must work closely together to improve our transit systems and to make housing more affordable. He shows effective leadership around regional transportation policy and investment. He doesn't limit his transit advocacy to Muni and is a strong supporter of BART, Caltrain, and other regional transit operators. Our region is so interconnected, and we need regional-thinking leaders like Scott Wiener representing us in the State Senate and making sure the state plays a constructive role in helping us succeed."

Mayor Liccardo added: "San Francisco, San Mateo County, and San Jose are deeply connected economically and environmentally. Decisions around housing and transportation in one city affect other cities, and we need ever-increasing regional coordination. I've personally observed Scott Wiener's ability to work across regional lines to create partnerships and get things done. The Bay Area's state legislative delegation needs to go to the mat for our region and our state's future, and Scott will do that effectively."

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Chronicle recommends: Scott Wiener for Senate

This article first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 5, 2016

Scott Wiener is a hard worker and problem solver.

Despite a reputation for lockstep liberalism, San Francisco lawmakers have clear differences. A prime example is the state Senate race between workhorse wonk Scott Wiener, a standard bearer for moderates, and progressive deal maker Jane Kim, who’s forced changes on major housing deals.

Wiener is a studied, low-key supervisor who has probably produced more legislation than any of his peers. His work on transit, health care and city finances gives him the wide, non-splashy experience that will serve San Francisco’s many needs in Sacramento.

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Supervisor Wiener to Call for Hearing on How Newly Adopted State Medical Cannabis Bill Impacts Local Businesses

City departments will be asked to report on how the recently adopted Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) has impacted local cannabis laws, particularly in non-retail areas like cultivation and manufacturing, and what San Francisco needs to do to allow the existence of a well-regulated and successful medical cannabis industry

San Francisco — (May 3, 2016) Today Supervisor Scott Wiener will call for a hearing on the local impacts of the newly adopted state medical cannabis law, known as MMRSA — the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. This new law, which went into effect in late 2015, changes how the state regulates and oversees the medical cannabis industry, including what powers and procedures local jurisdictions must follow. In particular, this law will impact non-retail operations, like cultivation and manufacturing, in a way that requires changes to San Francisco’s local regulations. At the hearing, the Department of Public Health, the Planning Department, and the Department of Building Inspection will be asked to report.

“San Francisco has long been a leader in fostering a strong and well-regulated medical cannabis industry, but with the passage of this new state bill, we are in danger of falling behind,” said Supervisor Wiener. “If our current local laws aren’t amended, we will prevent many existing cultivation and manufacturing companies from continuing to operate. These businesses, which include small, local operators, need to have a fair regulatory system in which to operate.”

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Scott Wiener Raises Over $1,300,000 In Race for State Senate District 11

Wiener raises over $478,000 in the period from January 1st through April 23rd. Substantial cash on hand provides resources for continued implementation of robust communications program for June 7th election, and puts Wiener in a strong financial position heading into November general election.

San Francisco, CA - (April 29, 2016) In the second campaign finance disclosure report in the race for State Senate District 11 (San Francisco and Northern San Mateo County), Supervisor Scott Wiener raised a total of $1,331,231.99, $478,694.00 of that amount since January.

Wiener’s cash on hand of over $797,000 will allow the campaign to effectively communicate with June primary voters, while putting the campaign in strong financial position heading into the November election, where an extremely high voter turnout is expected.

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In San Francisco, Colleges and Universities Struggle to House Students

Providing student housing has continued to be a problem for the many higher education institutions in San Francisco. That’s why I authored legislation to provide incentives to educational institutions to build their own housing. Additionally, I banned the conversion of apartments to be used exclusively for student housing.

KQED recently covered a hearing I held on this issue as part of a broader article on the difficulties resulting from San Francisco's lack of affordable student housing. You can read the full article here.

San Francisco could ban business with N.C.-based firms because of LGBT law

This article first appeared in The Charlotte Observer on April 27, 2016.


A proposed ordinance in San Francisco would prohibit the city from entering into contracts with North Carolina-based companies because of the state’s controversial new LGBT law. The proposal would be a blow to Charlotte-based Bank of America, which has an $8 million contract with the city.

The proposal, introduced Tuesday at the city’s Board of Supervisors, aims to put economic pressure on the state to repeal House Bill 2 just like corporations have done. PayPal, for instance, cited the law in scrapping plans for a global operations in Charlotte.

Proposed by Supervisor Scott Wiener, the ordinance would build on a travel ban issued a week after Gov. Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was the first to initiate a government-funded travel restriction to North Carolina in opposition of the measure.

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Supervisor Wiener to Introduce Legislation to Ban Public Spending in States with LGBT Hate Laws

Ordinance will target not just travel for official city business, but will also ban contracting with and purchasing from companies in states that legally sanction discrimination against the LGBT community

San Francisco — (April 26, 2016) Today Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation to prohibit City spending — travel, purchasing, and contracting — in states that have passed LGBT hate laws. The legislation was drafted in response to recent discriminatory laws passed in states like North Carolina and Mississippi that target the LGBT community. The legislation will statutorily ban city-sponsored travel to states with LGBT hate laws, codifying Mayor Edwin Lee’s executive order, and will further make San Francisco the first jurisdiction to ban city-funded contracting with companies that are headquartered in these states, as well as purchase of goods and services produced in these states.

“San Francisco needs to stand up and be very clear that we won’t do business in states that discriminate against the LGBT community,” said Supervisor Wiener. “By banning the use of taxpayer dollars in these states, we can set an example for other jurisdictions and build momentum to put an end to this nonsense. Our LGBT community does not deserve to be attacked like this. Enough is enough.”

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San Francisco LGBT Data Collection Legislation

This article first appeared in San Francisco Bay Times on April 21, 2016.

On April 12, Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced legislation that, if passed, would mandate five city departments to collect voluntary information on the sexual orientation and gender identity of their clients whenever demographic data is collected. Currently, city departments collect voluntary information on race, ethnicity and gender, but only two departments consistently collect sexual orientation and gender identity data. These are the Department of Aging and Adult Services and the Department of Public Health.

The proposed legislation before the Board of Supervisors was assigned to committee for a thirty-day review. It will then be sent back to the full board for adoption in early May. If passed, the legislation would require the Department of Public Health; the Department of Aging and Adult Services; the Department of Human Services; the Department of  Children, Youth and their Families; and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to collect and analyze sexual orientation and gender identity data.

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Supervisor Scott Wiener Announces New Endorsements From Diverse Endorsers in San Francisco and Northern San Mateo County

Wiener continues to earn endorsements from local, diverse organizations and leaders in the Senate district he is running to represent, including San Francisco Parent PAC, Peninsula Young Democrats, Chinese American Citizens Alliance, and other grassroots local organizations 

San Francisco – (April 21, 2016) Today, Supervisor Scott Wiener, candidate for State Senate (District 11 representing San Francisco and Northern San Mateo county), announced new endorsements from a wide range of local organizations located in the State Senate district he is running to represent. 

Wiener announced endorsements from local organizations San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee (advocating for public school parents and their children), Peninsula Young Democrats, City Democratic Club, District 5 Democratic Club, Small Property Owners of San Francisco, Honor PAC (advocating for LGBT Latino/as), Chinese American Citizens Alliance, and the Chinese American Democratic Club. These latest announcements follow the endorsement of Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who announced her support for Supervisor Wiener’s State Senate candidacy last week. 

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