Legislation will establish group of community leaders to work with City agencies to protect and preserve LGBT nightlife

San Francisco, CA – (September 12, 2016) Today Supervisor Wiener announced that he will introduce legislation to create a working group that will be charged with supporting LGBT nightlife and creating the long-stalled LGBT cultural heritage district. The legislation will be introduced at tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

“Our LGBT nightlife venues are at the heart of the LGBT community, and we must proactively support and protect these sacred spaces,” said Supervisor Wiener. “LGBT nightlife venues aren’t simply places to go out and have fun, although they are certainly that. They’re also safe spaces and places where we go to build community. Generations of LGBT people have found their community at LGBT bars and nightclubs. Generations have grown up and come out in these venues. We need to make sure that these spaces continue to exist for future generations. Too many of our LGBT nightlife venues are at risk of disappearing. Now is the time for the City to step up, partner with the LGBT community, and find smart and sustainable ways to support and protect these venues.”

On Monday, Supervisor Wiener held a hearing at the Land Use and Transportation Committee of the Board of Supervisors about how best to protect and preserve LGBT nightlife spaces and how to push forward the long-stalled LGBT Cultural Heritage District. At the hearing, members of the community and representatives from the Planning Department both spoke in favor of an LGBT Nightlife Working Group being an important step towards moving the LGBT Cultural Heritage District forward, as well as being useful to supporting LGBT nightlife.

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Scott Wiener will champion a progressive environmental agenda for California

This op-ed was first published by the San Francisco Examiner on September 6, 2016


Supervisor Scott Wiener is the right choice for a progressive environmental agenda for the state of California. (Anna Latino/2013 S.F. Examiner)

By Amandeep Jawa on September 6, 2016 1:00 am

San Francisco’s state Senate race gives us a choice between two great candidates. Both candidates have a list of accomplishments of which they can justifiably be proud, and of which we as a city can be proud as well. Yet, for me, as an environmentalist, the choice is clear: Scott Wiener is the kind of leader we need in Sacramento to focus our state on addressing climate change and moving toward a more sustainable and greener future.

Moreover, when addressing these challenges, California needs to lead. In San Francisco, Scott Wiener has led, and continues to lead, with progressive approaches to clean energy, water conservation, sustainable transportation and transit-oriented development. As a state Senator, there is no question that Scott will be a statewide leader on environmental sustainability, which is the biggest reason why I am supporting him.

Wiener is a leader in the effort to move away from fossil fuels and toward a clean energy future. He authored legislation making San Francisco the first large city in the country to require the installation of solar panels on rooftops of new buildings. This week, he is building on that legislation by introducing first-in-the-nation legislation to expand green roofs, which clean the air, absorb carbon and reduce stormwater runoff. Wiener also passed legislation to expand the use of clean hydro-power in San Francisco from the Hetch Hetchy public power system. We need leadership in Sacramento to aggressively continue California’s transition from a carbon economy to a clean energy economy. I’m voting for Wiener because he will provide that leadership.

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Supervisor Jane Kim Continues to Choose Tents Over Housing Solutions

Kim’s tent protection legislation, to be heard at today’s Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee, doubles down on Kim’s commitment to prevent the removal of tents from sidewalks, while at the same time voting against actual solutions for housing homeless residents

San Francisco, CA – (September 8, 2016) Today, the Board of Supervisors Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee will hold a hearing on Supervisor Jane Kim’s legislation to protect tents on sidewalks and other public spaces. By requiring permanent housing before tents can be removed from public spaces, Kim is ensuring that no tents will be removed. Moreover, even if permanent housing is available, Kim's legislation requires that the tents be left alone on sidewalks for a week or two weeks.

Rather than supporting an actual solution that would create the permanent housing that Kim is requiring as part of her tent protection legislation, she voted against $50 million in annual funding - $1 billion over 20 years - that will create permanent housing for homeless people, and build additional navigation centers to get people off the streets and into services. Kim broke with fellow Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos in her opposition to Proposition K that will provide the funding needed to create homeless housing and shelters.

"Protecting the right to pitch tents on public sidewalks is more important to Jane Kim than ensuring sustainable funding for new housing and navigation centers that would actually move the homeless off the street and into permanent housing,” said Jeff Sparks, campaign manager at Wiener for State Senate.

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Update to Supervisor Wiener’s 2012 Economic Impact Report on Entertainment and Nightlife shows that over the last 5 years, these industries have outpaced average citywide trends in job growth, and shown strong growth in economic productivity and tax contributions

San Francisco – (September 8, 2016) Today the City Economist released an update to Supervisor Wiener’s Entertainment and Nightlife Economic Impact Report that shows a significant increase in economic productivity, job growth, and tax contributions. The original report, called for by Supervisor Wiener in 2012, demonstrated the significant economic benefit of the entertainment and nightlife industries.

The new study – which can be viewed here -- shows that in 2015 the entertainment and nightlife industry:

  • Employed over 60,000 people
  • Generated $6 billion in annual revenue
  • Contributed $80 million in taxes to the General Fund

These numbers all show significant growth for the entertainment and nightlife industries since the initial study based on 2010 numbers. That original report can be found on the San Francisco Controller’s Website.

“Nightlife is at heart of San Francisco's culture and economy, and we must work to support this industry and its workers," said Supervisor Wiener. “San Francisco benefits from a strong nightlife industry, and this report shows the continued strength and importance of these businesses. Five years ago, when I called for the first version of this report, nightlife was too often considered a problem to be managed. After that report, we proved that entertainment and nightlife are not just a critical part of our culture, but also our economy, and I have worked with the industry and city agencies to improve permitting rules, increase late night transportation service, and promote nightlife generally. We also need to support the venues, like the Stud, that are so central to our community's identify.”

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Legislation will add green roofs, also known as living roofs, as an option to meet existing solar mandate requirement, making San Francisco the first city in the country with a comprehensive solar and green roof requirement

San Francisco –  (September 6, 2016) Today Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation that builds on the groundbreaking solar roofs ordinance passed earlier this year by allowing green roofs, also known as living roofs, to satisfy the requirement under the solar ordinance. In April, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Supervisor Wiener’s legislation to require solar panels be installed on most new construction. This legislation made San Francisco the first major city in the country to require solar to be installed on new construction.

The new addition of green roofs to this requirement will make San Francisco the first city in the country to implement this regulation. France has advanced similar requirements that will go into effect in 2017. With the passage of this legislation, between 15% and 30% of roof space on most new construction projects will incorporate solar, green roofs, or a blend of both. Supervisor Wiener's legislation was developed in coordination with the San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of the Environment, and SPUR.

“Climate change and our continuing drought demand that we take aggressive action to improve our city's sustainability, for people living here today and for future generations,” said Supervisor Wiener. “Rooftops are one of the last untapped environmental resources in our growing city, and we need to be strategic about how we activate these spaces. Our solar requirement was a great step, and by adding green roofs to the mix, we will make our buildings greener, our air cleaner, and our city healthier. San Francisco can continue to be a national leader on environmental policies.”

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Supervisor Jane Kim's Abysmal Housing Record

**For immediate release**

August 30, 2016
Contact: Jeff Sparks, 415-942-9373
Campaign Manager, Scott Wiener for State Senate

Supervisor Jane Kim’s Abysmal Housing Record:

***Legalize Tents on Sidewalks
***Block New Affordable Housing
***Throw Renters Under the Bus

San Francisco, CA – (August 30, 2016) While Supervisor Jane Kim held a sham, staged housing forum to purportedly find solutions to San Francisco’s housing crisis, San Francisco residents turned out in force to shine a light on the fact that Kim has an abysmal record of blocking housing, and siding with the rich and powerful while throwing renters under the bus.

“While Jane Kim holds her sham, carefully orchestrated forum to discuss housing solutions, voters deserve to know Kim's abysmal record on housing. Kim supports legalizing tents on sidewalks, while at the time voting against significant funding to create permanent housing for our homeless residents; she voted against 7,200 units of transit friendly housing; she supported a moratorium on housing; and she threw San Francisco’s renters under the bus by protecting the for-profit Academy of Art’s illegal conversion of rent-controlled housing,” stated Jeff Sparks, Campaign Manager. "It's particularly egregious that she advocates legalizing people living in squalor in sidewalk tents while voting against funding for actual housing for homeless people.”

“Supervisor Jane Kim is not who she says she is. She can hold all the sham forums in the world, but that doesn't change her anti-housing record. Voters deserve to know the facts about Jane Kim's poor housing record, because Jane’s sure isn't going to tell them," continued Sparks.

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Subway Vision Website Launches

Interactive Subway Vision website seeks public feedback on locations for future subways as required by Supervisor Wiener’s Subway Master Plan legislation

San Francisco — (August 18, 2016) Today Supervisor Wiener released the following statement on the launch of the Subway Vision website, which seeks public input on the future of subway construction in San Francisco. The website was created as part of the process required by the Subway Master Plan legislation authored by Supervisor Wiener. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, and the Planning Department have been collaborating on the site, which allows members of the public to draw subway routes and provide feedback on their visions for the future of San Francisco transit.

In 2015, Supervisor Wiener authored the Subway Master Plan legislation in order to ensure that San Francisco stays on track with transit expansions and improvements as San Francisco and the Bay Area continue to grow. Supervisor Wiener accompanied the legislation with an essay entitled “San Francisco Should Always Have A Subway Under Construction.”

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Matching late-night transportation with our late-night reality

This Op-Ed first appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on August 7, 2016.


Until BART runs around the clock, Bay Area transportation options will not reflect the region’s actual nighttime patterns. (Ekevara Kitpowsong/Special to S.F. Examiner)

By Scott Wiener on August 7, 2016 1:00 am

San Francisco and the Bay Area run 24 hours a day. We are not a 9-to-5 community. We have a robust nighttime economy — in San Francisco, contributing more than $4 billion annually to the economy and employing more than 50,000 people — and nightlife is part of our city’s cultural heart. A huge number of residents go out at night and need to get home late, and many workers either get off work late at night or start work very early in the morning.

Unfortunately, our transportation systems don’t reflect our city and region’s actual nighttime patterns. We too often operate as if everyone works during the day and sits home at night. BART shuts down shortly after midnight, as do the Muni subway and Caltrain. While our various bus operators — Muni, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans — have overnight service, that service is extremely limited and not usable by everyone.

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A Stark Contrast for the LGBT Community

When it comes to fighting for the LGBT community - fighting for our civil rights, protecting our access to healthcare, going to the mat for LGBT nightlife and culture, or recognizing our LGBT heroes, there is a stark contrast between Supervisor Scott Wiener and Supervisor Jane Kim.

Scott has shown leadership on LGBT issues, while Jane has not made our community a priority.

It’s not only that Scott's the gay candidate in the race, or that the San Francisco LGBT community will lose all state legislative representation if he is not elected, it's about who has truly fought for our community.

LGBT Community Health

Scott Wiener is a champion for people living with and at risk for HIV. He fights every year to back-fill millions in federal HIV cuts. He fought insurance company efforts to increase co-pays for HIV drugs. He helped lead and secured significant funding for our Getting to Zero effort — San Francisco’s effort to end new HIV infections. He played a pivotal role ensuring full transgender healthcare access under San Francisco’s universal healthcare program. He passed legislation to ensure that long-term HIV survivors are protected by rent control and obtained resources to house LGBT youth and seniors. And, he courageously disclosed that he takes PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which reduces the risk of HIV infection by nearly 100%. Scott fights hard for our community's health and will always do so.

Harvey Milk Naval Ship

We recently received the inspirational news that the Secretary of the Navy will name a ship after Supervisor Harvey Milk, who served in the Navy. This decision sends a message that the United States of America supports everyone serving in its military, and everyone in our country, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Young, closeted sailors and people from oppressive countries all over the world will be inspired by this ship.

While Scott Wiener vocally supported this effort - authoring a resolution in support - Jane Kim publicly *opposed* naming a ship for Harvey Milk. We had support from both gay and straight allies on the Board of Supervisors, including David Campos and John Avalos, who recognized that whatever one’s views on the military and war, naming a ship for Harvey Milk would be profoundly impactful for the LGBT community worldwide. But not Jane Kim. She refused to support this impactful step for our community.

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Board of Supervisors Places Street Tree Measure on Ballot for November Election

Measure put forth by Supervisors Wiener and Avalos requires city to take back responsibility for street trees, sidewalk damages caused by trees, and liability. Measure also provides dedicated funding to care for the trees, fix sidewalks, and expand number of trees.

San Francisco — (July 29, 2016) Today the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously placed a measure on the ballot authored by Supervisors Scott Wiener and John Avalos that will end the City’s street tree transfer program and guarantee funding to pay for street tree maintenance and liability. The ballot measure requires the City to assume responsibility for all street trees — including tree maintenance, sidewalk damage, and liability — and provides a long-term dedicated funding source to do so.

For six years, Supervisor Wiener has worked on this measure with Friends of the Urban Forest.

“Today, we took a major step toward a greener, more environmentally sustainable, healthier, and more beautiful city,” said Supervisor Wiener. “Trees matter, and for far too long San Francisco has essentially ignored these critical pieces of our urban fabric, through this unfair and counter-productive policy of dumping trees on property owners rather than investing public resources. Trees are key in addressing climate change, and study after study has shown that trees in a community make people healthier and help children learn. We all should be focused on taking care of our trees, and expanding our urban forest for future generations.”

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