Fixing Our Outdated Police Code

morgue11_games_pinball_backs-300x192.jpgOften our Municipal Code contains outdated and restrictive provisions that might have made sense in one era, but are no longer useful and can hinder how our city works. I've addressed this previously in legislation, and today I joined Supervisor London Breed to introduce legislation to fix some outdated provisions in the police code regarding arcade games. By fixing this code, we can improve flexibility for our small businesses to provide entertainment to customers and improve their economic health.

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Budget Committee Finalizes Two Year Budget

city_hall.jpgAs a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, I'm proud that we the committee finalized the two year budget last night. Included in this budget were several of my key priorities, including funding for additional park patrol officers, a transit station cleaning crew, and tree care workers. I also worked to ensure enhanced funding for Animal Care & Control and other top priorities. I want to thank Budget Chair Supervisor Mark Farrell who once again did a great job shepherding the budget through this process.

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Proposed budget includes funding for Supervisor Wiener's Clean, Green & Safe Budget proposal to add cleaning crews, park patrol officers and tree care workers, as well as critical funding for Animal Care & Control and other needs

San Francisco, CA - Tonight, the Budget and Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors finalized the two-year $8.6 billion city budget for 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. Supervisor Scott Wiener, a member of the Committee, secured key funding in the budget for his Clean, Green & Safe budget proposal.  These priorities will increase the City's capacity to clean public spaces such as alleys and transit stations, significantly increase the Park Patrol, and increase the Recreation & Park Department's ability to care for its trees. These priorities were supported by various community groups, including San Francisco Beautiful, San Francisco Parks Alliance, and Friends of the Urban Forest.

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Legislation to Strengthen Public Power and Provide Revenue for Infrastructure Upgrades

light.jpgToday, Supervisor London Breed and I introduced legislation at the Board of Supervisors to strengthen public power in San Francisco by granting the SF Public Utilities Commission the right of first refusal to sell power, at retail, to new public and private projects in San Francisco. This will expand the PUC's customer base, which will provide more money for the almost $900 million in capital need, including streetlight infrastructure need.

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Ordinance will grant the SF Public Utilities Commission the first right of refusal to provide clean, hydroelectric Hetch Hetchy power to new public and private developments, which will increase clean energy distribution and allow for enhanced infrastructure investment for the nearly $900 million in capital needs

San Francisco, CA - Today, Supervisors Scott Wiener and London Breed will introduce clean energy legislation to increase the electric customer base for San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission. An expanded PUC customer base will bring more clean hydroelectric power to San Francisco residents and businesses and generate significantly more revenue to fund neglected infrastructure and capital needs, including the city's streetlight system and the system that brings hydroelectric power from Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco.

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Compromise Close on Street Clearance Issue

hayes-sidewalk-north.jpgWider streets create longer crossing distances and faster speeds. Wider streets divide our neighborhoods. As elected policy-makers, we need to be clear in our policy priorities, and consistent in our delivery of public projects. Recently, the Fire Department and the Department of Public Works attempted to widen the street clearance at the new development at Hunters Point. After a public hearing and public pushback, the departments have been working towards a compromise that will ensure both pedestrian safety and fire safety. I'm happy to hear a compromise is within reach.

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Rally Against Proposed Off-Leash Dog Restrictions

off-leash_dogs.jpgRecently, I joined Representative Jackie Speier, Board President David Chiu, representatives from the Marin and San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, and community members to express opposition to the proposed off-leash dog restrictions at GGNRA lands, including Fort Funston, Ocean Beach, and Crissy Field. Both San Francisco and Marin Counties have passed resolutions opposing these restrictive changes, and soon San Mateo will join us. We need to ensure that our park areas maintain a balance that continues to allow for active recreation and dog access.

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Urging the Archbishop to Withdraw from Anti-LGBT Rally

archbishop.jpgPope Francis has been urging the Catholic Church  to focus more on issues like ending war and poverty, rather than condemning marriage equality and other civil rights efforts. Unfortunately, San Francisco's Archbishop is charting his own misguided course by agreeing to join the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) march in Washington D.C. I have joined many in requesting that the Archbishop withdraw his participation from NOM's anti-LGBT rally.

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Agreement on Restoring the Vehicle License Fee

vlf.jpgYesterday, we reached an agreement with Mayor Ed Lee to move forward with the restoration of the Vehicle License Fee for the November 2016 ballot. This is good news for the future of the VLF, which will provide much-needed and stable funding for street repaving, Muni reliability, and street safety upgrades. We need to restore the Vehicle License Fee to its historic level of 2%, which it was at for decades prior to when Governor Schwarznegger cut it down to the current .65%.

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My Resolution Urging Muni Drivers to End Sick-Out

sickout.jpgToday I introduced a resolution at the Board urging Muni drivers to end their sick-out and return to the arbitration process. Muni drivers have a tough job, and they deserve good pay and benefits as well as respect for their service to our city. Similarly, Muni riders deserve to have a functional system to get to work, school, doctor's appointments, the grocery store, and elsewhere. Muni drivers need to end the sick-out, get the system back up and running, and go through the charter-mandated arbitration process to arrive at a contract.

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