Late Night Transit Service Expanding

AC Transit and BART have announced an expansion of late night transit bus service between San Francisco and the East Bay. This is good news for our nightlife industry and for workers who have early or late commute hours. This improvement is one of the solutions that have come out of the Late Night Transit Working Group that I have been convening here at City Hall. This is a good step for improving late night transit access, but we can and will do more.

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Adding In-Laws During Seismic Retrofits

Allowing the construction of new in-law units is one solution for creating new housing opportunities in San Francisco. Previously, I've passed legislation to build new in-laws in the Castro and now I'm moving forward with legislation to allow the construction of in-laws in buildings undergoing seismic retrofits. Both the voluntary and mandatory soft story retrofit programs are important for keeping our city safe and resilient when the next earthquake hits. By allowing property owners the ability to build new in-law units in exchange for undergoing these retrofits, we can encourage more of this safety work while also increasing our housing supply in a sustainable manner that has little impact on our neighborhoods.

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Fixing Our City's Street Tree Problem

Our current street tree maintenance system is bad for many reasons. It jeopardizes the health of our urban forest, puts residents in danger of falling limbs, and dumps responsibility for trees onto property owners who didn't plant the trees and might not be able to take of them. We need a long-term solution to this issue that includes a dedicated funding source for tree maintenance so that the money isn't raided for other purposes.

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On-street car sharing is San Francisco’s future

San Francisco Chronicle

The Municipal Transportation Agency recently began implementing an on-street car-sharing program to improve access to car sharing in San Francisco. The program has caused some controversy, given the many challenges surrounding parking in our city. However, this program is central to San Francisco’s long-term transportation success. Studies suggest that car sharing will induce some residents to give up their cars, which will reduce competition for parking.

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Crime in Duboce Triangle

Recently, a young man was murdered during the course of a robbery at Noe and Henry Street in Duboce Triangle. This tragic murder was the second in Duboce Triangle this year, which is two too many. We as a city must do better protecting our public spaces, including working with SFPD to increase the department's inadequate staffing so that we have more community policing and beat officers. This is an unacceptable level of violence on our streets. I attended the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association meeting last night, where Captain Raj Vaswani and members of San Francisco safety organizations presented on how we can improve public safety in the Duboce Triangle.

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Transportation Wins Big in SF Election

j-muni.jpgTuesday night was a great night for transportation in our city. Voters passed two transportation funding measures that will provide a significant investment in our transportation system and reaffirmed our city's commitment to making significant investments in a broad range of transit priorites. Prop A, the transportation bond, will put $500 million into capital projects on our streets, while Prop B, will adjust Muni funding to account for our population growth, with the increase in funds dedicate to service improvements (like paying for rolling stock) and street safety improvements. This is a great step for our city and confirms that people want City Hall to focus on providing safe, reliable transportation.

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Ordinance grants the SF Public Utilities Commission the first right of refusal to provide clean, hydroelectric Hetch Hetchy power to new public and private developments, which will increase clean energy distribution and allow for enhanced infrastructure investment for the nearly $900 million in capital needs

San Francisco, CA - Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Supervisor Wiener's legislation to increase the electric customer base for San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission by granting the PUC the right of first refusal to provide hydroelectric, greenhouse gas free power to private developments. An expanded PUC customer base will bring more clean hydroelectric power to San Francisco residents and businesses and generate significantly more revenue to fund neglected infrastructure and capital needs, including the city's streetlight system and the system that brings hydroelectric power from Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco.

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Keeping Muni Running

new-muni-trains.jpgYesterday, I held a hearing at the Land Use Committee on MTA's plans to ensure that our current fleet of light-rail vehicles can serve our Muni system until a new fleet is implemented. The Board of Supervisors recently approved purchase of the Siemens vehicles - eventually leading to nearly double the vehicles as well as vehicles that are much more reliable - but those vehicles won't begin to arrive for several years, and it will take 15 years for the entire fleet to roll out.  In the meantime, Muni will continue to operate its existing Breda fleet, which is one of the major sources of reliability problems in the system, given design defects and frequent breakdowns.

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Clean Energy Legislation Moves Forward

sfsupes0924_0764_pc-600x403.jpgToday my legislation to strengthen San Francisco's public power system and provide revenue for infrastructure needs like streetlights will be up for a vote at the Board of Supervisors. This legislation will increase the electric customer base for San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission by granting the PUC the right of first refusal to provide hydroelectric, greenhouse gas free power to private developments. An expanded PUC customer base will bring in more revenue for San Francisco's aging public power infrastructure needs which has over $900 million in deferred maintenance. The legislation is so-sponsored by Supervisor London Breed and supported by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.

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Hearing will focus on light rail vehicle shortage and lack of reliability, as well as Muni's plans to keep these vehicles running until the arrival of the next generation of light rail vehicles

WHEN:           Monday, November 24th, 1:30 PM

WHERE:         Land Use and Economic Development Committee
                         Board of Supervisors
                         City Hall, Room 263

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