Scott Wiener Secures 80% of California Democratic Party Endorsement Vote

Democratic grassroots activists vote overwhelmingly to endorse Wiener for State Senate District 11 – a major step toward Democratic Party endorsement

San Francisco, CA – On Sunday, January 31st, Supervisor Scott Wiener earned 80% of the vote at the California Democratic Party (CDP) pre-endorsement conference, a meeting of hundreds of Democratic, grassroots activists from Senate District 11, taking a major step toward the Democratic Party endorsement. That pre-endorsement vote will be ratified at the CDP statewide convention February 27th-29th.

These activists represent the core values and grassroots outreach that has made the Democratic Party so strong in the Bay Area. The conference delegates also include members of San Francisco’s chartered Democratic clubs such as the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club; the SF Young Democrats; The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club; the Asian Pacific Democratic Club; and the Mission Democratic Club.

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Liberals Turn to Cities to Pass Laws and Spread Ideas

This article appeared on The New York Times on January 26, 2016

Claire Cain Miller @clairecm

If Congress won’t focus on a new policy idea, and if state legislatures are indifferent or hostile, why not skip them both and start at the city level?

That’s the approach with a proposed law in San Francisco to require businesses there to pay for employees’ parental leaves.

It might seem like a progressive pipe dream, the kind of liberal policy that could happen only in a place like San Francisco. But Scott Wiener, the city and county supervisor who proposed the policy, sees it differently.

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S.F. Supervisor Scott Wiener: Homeless Tent Camps ‘Need to Go Away’

This article first appeared on KQED News.

By Ted Goldberg
January 25, 2016

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener says the city needs to find a prompt and “humane” way to eliminate tent encampments that house a growing number of homeless people.

The growing presence of tent camps in San Francisco “represents our city’s failure to provide adequate housing/shelter and assistance for those who want help, as well as a failure to make clear to those who refuse help that tents on our sidewalks and in our public spaces are unacceptable” Wiener wrote in a letter last week (embedded below) to the heads of six city agencies.

“These tents are a public safety and a public health problem for the people living in them and for our neighborhoods,” Wiener added in an interview.

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Scott Wiener Leads Jane Kim by 15 Points in Race for State Senate District 11

Wiener leads among women voters by 13 points; Voters see Wiener as ‘being a strong leader’ and as ‘effective and getting things done’

The Scott Wiener for State Senate campaign has released findings from an internal poll showing Supervisor Scott Wiener with a 15 point lead over his opponent Supervisor Jane Kim.

The poll was conducted from December 8th to December 15th, by EMC Research and Fall Line Analytics among 600 voters in State Senate District 11.

In addition, Wiener has stronger name ID than Kim, and he leads Kim on key candidate attributes like strong leadership and effectiveness. Key findings include:

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Jane Kim and Scott Wiener Announce Debate Structure for District 11 Race

New “Lincoln-Douglas” Debates Will Give Voters Opportunities to Hear from Both Candidates About Pressing Issues Facing Region and State

San Francisco, CA (January 21, 2016) – Today, State Senate District 11 candidates Jane Kim and Scott Wiener announced an agreement to hold six debates throughout the district before the June 7 primary. Following in the tradition of in-depth policy discussions going all the way back to the “Lincoln-Douglas” debates, this structure is intended to ensure voters hear from both candidates on the key issues of the day.

“Our region and our state are at a crossroads. With so many challenges before us, we wanted to be sure voters have a chance to hear where we stand on the issues facing not just our many neighborhoods but our entire district and our entire state,” said Jane Kim. “I’m excited for the chance to talk about how we can make sure our policies – and our state government – are working for us.”

"I look forward to a lively and substantive debate on the critical issues facing our city, region, and state, including housing affordability, the drought and climate change, education funding, healthcare access, and transportation. I see these six debates as a unique opportunity for our diverse neighborhoods to come together to discuss the issues affecting us all,” said Scott Wiener.

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Ballot measure mirrors a pending ordinance by Supervisor Wiener that streamlines the approval process for 100% affordable housing. Supervisor Wiener will withdraw the ballot measure if the Board of Supervisors passes the ordinance.

San Francisco (January 20, 2016)– Yesterday, Supervisor Scott Wiener filed a ballot measure to expedite the construction of affordable housing to address San Francisco’s housing crisis. Joining Supervisor Wiener in signing to place the measure on the ballot were Supervisors Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

Supervisor Wiener introduced this affordable housing ballot measure, which mirrors his pending ordinance at the Board of Supervisors, as a backstop in case the Board rejects the pending ordinance. Supervisor Wiener decided to move forward with the ballot measure option after the identical ordinance was heard at the Planning Commission and, despite strong support from affordable housing creators, drew politically motivated opposition.

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Legislation ensures that all employees who work in San Francisco are paid their full salary for at least 6 weeks of parental leave

San Francisco — Today Supervisor Scott Wiener announced legislation to require San Francisco businesses to provide paid parental leave. Under current California law, employees can get up to 55% of their wages for 6 weeks through state disability. Supervisor Wiener’s ordinance requires that employers pay their employees the remaining balance of their income (45%), so that for weeks of leave the employee would receive his or her full wages. This legislation — which applies to both parents — will make San Francisco the first city in the country to require full paid parental leave for employees.

“The United States has fallen so far behind the rest of the world in providing paid parental leave,” said Supervisor Wiener. “Our current policies negatively impact all new parents, and in particular lower income workers who don’t have the safety net or flexibility to take unpaid leave. We shouldn’t force mothers and fathers to choose between taking care of their child and putting food on the table. San Francisco should, once again, lead the way on an important issue for workers and their families. By enacting this ordinance, we can show California and the rest of the nation what we need to do to support our families.”

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SF Chronicle: Parental leave getting a big boost at S.F. City Hall

This article first appeared on The SF Chronicle on January 12, 2015.

San Francisco would be the first municipality in the nation to require employers to ensure that employees who are new parents have fully paid bonding time with their babies under a proposal being crafted by Supervisor Scott Wiener.

California pays 55 percent of a parent’s salary for six weeks of bonding time, and Wiener wants to mandate that San Francisco businesses that employ at least 20 people pay the remaining 45 percent. He plans to introduce the legislation at the Jan. 26 Board of Supervisors meeting.

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California League of Conservation Voters Endorses Scott Wiener for State Senate

Leading environmental organization cites Wiener's demonstrated leadership on clean energy, water recycling, mass transit, housing, and other areas key to addressing climate change and enhancing environmental sustainability

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 5, 2016) - Today, the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) announced its endorsement of Supervisor Scott Wiener in his campaign for the California State Senate. After interviewing and looking at the environmental track record of both candidates, CLCV endorsed Wiener.

CLCV is the non-partisan political action arm of California's environmental movement. The CLCV mission is to protect and enhance the environment and the health of all California communities by electing environmental champions, advancing critical priorities, and holding policymakers accountable.

"Scott Wiener has prioritized environmental sustainability and climate change in San Francisco, and we know he will do so at the state level," said Sarah Rose, CLCV's Chief Executive Officer. "California is at a cross-roads, and we need environmental champions to help us move an aggressive sustainability agenda in the State Legislature. Based on his track record of championing environmental initiatives on the Board of Supervisors - including water recycling, clean energy, and sustainable transportation and housing - we are confident Scott will be a key partner in helping the environmental movement achieve its goals."

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Policing diverse communities in the 21st century

This piece first appeared in The Bay Area Reporter on December 17, 2015.

By Scott Wiener

The year 2015 has been transformative in terms of public scrutiny of policing in the United States, and San Francisco is no exception. From Ferguson to Chicago to Baltimore, we are soul-searching as a society about what it means to have effective policing and, of equal importance, what it means for all communities to have confidence in law enforcement.

Most recently, San Francisco police officers shot and killed Mario Woods, a Bayview resident and stabbing suspect who failed to drop his knife even after less-than-lethal force was used to disarm him. The videos of this incident are jarring and raise questions that will, we hope, be resolved after multiple ongoing investigations are concluded and all facts are compiled and analyzed. It's important to let these investigations play out.

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