Jane Kim and Anti-PrEP Activist Michael Weinstein Join Forces in Support of Props 60 and 61

Kim supports measures overwhelmingly opposed by HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ leaders, and Weinstein attacks Scott Wiener in order to help Kim get elected

San Francisco, CA – (October 18, 2016) Supervisor Jane Kim has joined forces with Michael Weinstein in support of Props 60 and 61, both solely funded by Weinstein and his discredited AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). As part of the partnership and in an effort to help Kim win election to the State Senate, Weinstein is sending out homophobic attack mailers against Kim's opponent, Supervisor Scott Wiener, who opposes both ballot measures.

Kim shared the stage with Weinstein at a Prop 61 rally this past Saturday, and that same day, her campaign manager tweeted Kim's support for Prop 60.

Weinstein is widely discredited in the LGBT community including for his anti-science opposition to pre-exposure prophylaxis or "PrEP," a daily pill that almost completely eliminates risk of HIV infection. Weinstein disparages PrEP as a “party drug” and shames those who take the medication. AHF runs ads attacking PrEP. AHF has been subject to various investigations and lawsuits for fraudulent billing.

Weinstein is supporting Kim and attacking Wiener due to Kim's willingness to support Weinstein's agenda and Wiener's opposition to that agenda. Wiener is a strong advocate of PrEP and disclosed that he takes it. Wiener has also strongly opposed Prop 60 and its condom requirement.

Prop 60, which would require adult film actors to wear condoms in films - thus pushing the industry underground or out of state - is entirely funded by Weinstein and is opposed by a wide spectrum of elected leaders, LGBT leaders, the California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, and California’s seven largest newspapers.

Prop 61, again funded entirely by Weinstein, purports to cap prescription drug prices. LGBT and veterans’ groups are opposed to the measure because it will increase prescription drug prices and reduce access to medicine. Weinstein has exempted his own organization, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, from the measure.

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Report delivered by City transportation agencies shows initial analysis to create comprehensive subway network in San Francisco. Public feedback will be sought before final report delivered at the end of the year

San Francisco, CA – (October 17, 2016) Today the at Land Use and Transportation Committee, City transportation agencies delivered a presentation on their work to create a Subway Master Plan. Supervisor Scott Wiener called for the development of the Subway Master Plan last year, and authored an ordinance requiring the policy be developed. At the hearing, the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) presented the initial findings – which they have called the Subway Vision -- that they have been developing over the last year. A final report will be delivered later this year.

To see more about the project and the presentation from today, go to http://connectsf.org/components/subway-vision/

“Our transportation future requires us think big and act boldly, and planning for a future of subways in San Francisco will help us do that,” said Supervisor Wiener. “If we don’t take action, our already gridlocked streets will become even more crowded and unbearable. Too many of our neighborhoods, particularly in the outer areas, suffer from slow transportation service due to our over reliance on surface systems. We can begin the work now to build a better transportation system for everyone who lives in San Francisco.”

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Jane Kim Attacks Formerly Homeless Man for Appearing in Television Ad Telling his Life Story

Kim’s facebook post calls homeless and HIV advocate Gary McCoy a liar saying on the ad “Nothing He Says Is True”

San Francisco, CA - (October 17, 2016) Yesterday, in a post on her facebook page, Supervisor Jane Kim attacked Gary McCoy, a formerly homeless San Franciscan, who thanks to supportive services and housing was able to turn his life around. Kim calls McCoy a liar, stating that “Nothing He Says Is True,” derisively calls him a “spokesperson” and discounts his experience living on the streets.

Gary McCoy was homeless, sleeping in elevator shafts, addicted to meth, and on the verge of full-blown AIDS. With the help of service providers, stable housing and the support of friends, Gary turned his life around and now is a successful, contributing and active member of the LGBT, HIV and recovery community, helping others as he was helped.

“Attacking Gary McCoy for telling his very personal story is beyond unacceptable,” stated Scott Wiener. “It’s no different than Trump attacking the Humayun Kahn’s family for telling their story at the Democratic National convention. Jane Kim is showing her true colors by bullying a formerly homeless, HIV positive, recovering addict who has turned his life around.”

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Why Is Jane Kim Attacking a Formerly Homeless Gay Man?

By Scott Wiener

Jane Kim is viciously attacking a formerly homeless HIV-positive gay man named Gary McCoy. Gary appeared in an ad by Equality California, a major LGBT civil rights group, and criticized Jane for her abysmal record on homelessness - specifically, that she supports tents on sidewalks while she opposes significant new funding for homeless housing.

Rather than defend her record, Jane launched a personal attack on Gary.


Let me tell you about Gary McCoy. Gary was homeless and slept in elevator shafts. Gary was addicted to meth. Gary, who is HIV-positive, was on the verge of full-blown AIDS. Along with others, I helped get Gary off the streets, off meth, and back on track. I took him into my office to get him back on a regular schedule.

And, yes, I gave Gary a job. I actually gave him two different jobs. Gary no longer works for me, since after he fully got back on track, he was able to get a job with our parks department. He is also an incredible community leader, in the addiction recovery community, the LGBT community, and the HIV community.

I'm intensely proud of Gary. He is an inspiration to everyone who may think they're beyond redemption or their life is too broken to be put back together. I am so honored to call Gary a friend and to have played a role - with so many others, including, most importantly, Gary himself - in getting Gary healthy and back on track.

Campaigns are intense, and as candidates we are all subject to criticism for our views, even intense criticism. Jane and I have certainly criticized each other's records (though Jane's claim that Chevron is funding me is a bald-faced lie - Chevron has zero involvement in this race).

But there are boundaries. You don't attack a formerly homeless and meth-addicted HIV-positive gay man who got his life back together and who has a very legitimate criticism of Jane Kim's homeless policies.

Enough, Jane. Focus on the issues. Attack me all you want. Stop attacking Gary.

Supervisor Wiener, LGBT Leaders Condemn Homophobic Attack Mailer by Pariah Michael Weinstein

Weinstein and his AIDS Healthcare Foundation attack Scott Wiener for his advocacy for PrEP and his opposition to ballot measure mandating condoms in porn

San Francisco, CA – (October 15, 2016) Supervisor Scott Wiener and leaders in the LGBT and public health communities responded today to a homophobic campaign attack mailer against Wiener by Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). Weinstein and AHF attacked Wiener for Wiener's vocal opposition to Prop 60 - which requires condoms in adult films - and for Wiener's strong advocacy for pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, a daily pill that nearly eliminates the risk of HIV transmission. Weinstein is a staunch opponent of PrEP, whereas Wiener publicly announced that he is on PrEP, in order to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Prop 60 - which Michael Weinstein and AHF sponsored and which Wiener opposes - has drawn widespread opposition from the LGBT and health communities and is opposed by both the Democratic and Republican Parties and all seven major California newspapers.

The attack mailer accuses Wiener of being "in the pocket" of the adult film industry based on one contribution he received out of 3,000 contributions. Weinstein's attack on Wiener follows a historic pattern of gay men who run for office being attacked and characterized as sexual perverts. Senator Mark Leno was similarly attacked when he ran for the State Senate in 2008.

"Scott has been tireless in his efforts to keep our community healthy and fearless in the face of deplorable and homophobic attacks by the AHF," said Senator Mark Leno.


Weinstein is widely discredited in the LGBT community, including for his anti-science effort to stigmatize PrEP as a “party drug” and shame those who take the medication. AHF has been subject to various investigations and lawsuits for fraudulent billing.

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Hillary Clinton Praises Scott Wiener’s Work to Expand Paid Family Leave

At her San Francisco event, Clinton calls out Scott Wiener’s legislation expanding paid family leave

San Francisco, CA – (November 13, 2016) Today, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton praised Supervisor Scott Wiener for his work to expand paid family leave in San Francisco. In her remarks to the crowd at Bill Graham auditorium, Clinton stated:

"I'm going to close my campaign the way I started my career: fighting for kids and families.  Talking on the kitchen table issues that keep families up at night.  Here in San Francisco, you're already leading the way on so many issues. And I want to give a special shout out to Supervisor Scott Wiener and everyone who worked so hard to pass paid family leave.  Don't you think it's time we brought the rest of America up to speed?

“It’s a huge honor that Secretary Clinton recognized my efforts to help working families,” stated Scott Wiener. “As a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter, I couldn’t be more proud to stand by her side on these issues that help make our communities more affordable for everyone. I look forward to fighting for fully paid family leave in the state senate.”

Scott authored first-in-the-country legislation to require fully paid family leave for new parents after childbirth or adoption, applying to both parents. Scott's legislation will make it much easier for new parents to bond with their children. Scott will work in the State Senate to expand access to paid family leave for all Californians.


Contact: Jeff Sparks: (530) 574-3706

San Francisco Medical Society and San Francisco Dental Society discuss support Scott Wiener for State Senate

San Francisco Medical Society and San Francisco Dental Society to discuss support for Supervisor Scott Wiener, candidate for State Senate District 11

San Francisco, CA – (October 12, 2016) Today the San Francisco Medical Society (SFMS) and the San Francisco Dental Society (SFDS) expressed support for Supervisor Scott Wiener, candidate for State Senate District 11. The SFMS and SFDS leaders joined Supervisor Wiener at a press conference discuss their support for Wiener’s candidacy.

"Scott Wiener has a long and effective record fighting to improve our community’s health. We are proud to support him for State Senate and look forward to working with him on our joint efforts to ensure quality, accessible health care for everyone,” said Dr. Richard Podolin, SFMS. “Scott Wiener has been working hard on important health care initiatives including helping parents stay home to bond with new-borns or adopted infants, raising the tobacco smoking age, ensuring underprivileged children have access to dental care, fighting to reduce rates of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. We urge our community to support Scott Wiener, a health care champion.”

"Supervisor Wiener has a long and effective record working to improve our community," said Dr. Dennis Song. "His work on finance, transit and especially his support of health care initiatives position him well to serve San Francisco in Sacramento. His support for the San Francisco Children’s Oral Health Plan and related oral health initiatives demonstrates his understanding of the impact of oral health to total health. San Francisco has a goal of becoming cavity free and he understands the dental care disparities between ethnic groups and the need to improve access to low-income children in our community. He has done his homework on nutrition, tobacco use, and Type 2 Diabetes which impact not only oral health, but general health as well. The San Francisco Dental Society supports Supervisor Scott Wiener for State Senate.”

“I am proud to have the San Francisco Medical Society and San Francisco Dental society’s support. There is still so much work ahead of us and I look forward to continuing our important work together when I get to Sacramento. Together, we can help foster a healthy environment for our children, seniors and families.” said Supervisor Scott Wiener.

Chronicle recommends: Scott Wiener for State Senate

This article first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 11, 2016.

Photo: Gabrielle Lurie, Special To The Chronicle
Scott Wiener, who is running for State Senate posed for a photo with Supervisor David Chiu (center) during Wiener's election party, at Blackbird, in San Francisco, California, on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

Jane Kim is getting a nice push from Big Soda in the tightly contested race to succeed San Francisco Democrat Mark Leno in the state Senate.

The presence of outside money in the city’s center-stage campaign between a dedicated progressive and the more centrist Scott Wiener is not surprising. Independent expenditures from special interests are flowing for and against both Democrats.

Wiener certainly has his share of monied benefactors, including Airbnb.

Voters are being bombarded with mailers from sources such as the Affordable Housing Alliance (a group heavily funded by the American Beverage Association) with a slate card prominently featuring Kim. Wiener is for a tax on sugar-laden sodas; Kim is against it, a rather curious position for a self-proclaimed progressive.

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American Beverage Association Funnels Money to Jane Kim for State Senate

ABA uses housing issues slate mailer to circumvent campaign finance limits and funnel contributions to Jane Kim for State Senate

San Francisco, CA – (October 11, 2016) Over the past two weeks, San Francisco voters have received two mailings from an organization called the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA). Featured prominently on the cards is the organization’s endorsement of Jane Kim for State Senate.

The Affordable Housing Alliance slate mailers are entirely funded by $180,000 from the American Beverage Association (ABA), which is funded by Coca Cola and Pepsi, two of the world’s largest corporations.

The ABA is opposing Prop V the soda tax on San Francisco’s November ballot. However, the slate mailers do not feature No on Proposition V any more than other propositions are featured. Featured on the mailers are Jane Kim.

While candidates and ballot measures pay to be listed on a slate mailer, typical contribution limits run from $250-$5,000 at most. $180,000 is buying the organization. In fact, no record of contributions by any of the other ballot measures or any candidates can be found in campaign finance filings.

Why would the soda industry pay $180,000 to a local San Francisco housing organization run by one person? And, why would a soda industry-funded mailer barely mention the soda tax while prominently featuring Jane Kim?

The ABA has clear reasons to actively support Jane Kim for State Senate, including:

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Democratic Party Endorsed Candidates Left Out of Voter Handbook Scott Wiener for Senate campaign alerted Department of Elections about omission.

DOE mailing supplemental card listing official Democratic Party Endorsements.

San Francisco, CA - (October 10, 2016) The listing of state candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party was mistakenly left out of the voter handbook received by every voter in the City and County of San Francisco. The error was discovered by the Scott Wiener for Senate campaign, which alerted the San Francisco Department of Elections. If left uncorrected, voters would not have received notification about which candidates received the official endorsement of the Democratic Party, including Scott Wiener and Kamala Harris.

The Department of Elections took immediate steps to correct the error by printing a supplemental voter information card informing voters of those candidates left out of the originally printed handbook. That supplemental card was mailed to every voter in San Francisco, along with the original voter handbook containing the omission.

Those candidates originally left out of the Democratic Party listing are:

  • Kamala Harris, United States Senator
  • Nancy Pelosi, United State Representative, District 12
  • Jackie Speier, United State Representative, District 14
  • Scott Wiener, State Senator District 11
  • David Chiu, Member of the State Assembly, District 17
  • Phil Ting, Member of the State Assembly, District 19

“I’m very appreciative of the quick action taken by the Department of Elections to correct the error and ensure every voter knows which candidates are officially endorsed by the Democratic Party,” stated Scott Wiener, candidate for State Senate District 11, and officially endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party. “With absentee ballots mailing last Friday and arriving in voters’ mailboxes by the 11th, it’s critical that every voter have all the information needed to make an informed choice when casting their ballot.”

Unlike the Democratic endorsements, Republican State Party endorsements were included in the original voter handbook. The error has been corrected in the online version of the voter handbook available on the department’s website http://voterguide.sfelections.org/en/candidate-information.

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Paid for by Re-Elect Scott Wiener for State Senate 2020. FPPC # 1392654.

Mailing Address: 5940 College Ave., Suite F, Oakland, CA 94618