Supervisor Wiener Introduces LGBT Data Collection Legislation to Improve Support for LGBT Community

Legislation will require that City Departments and contractors collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity to improve services and develop policies to support LGBT community

San Francisco –  (April 14, 2016) On Tuesday, Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced legislation to require City departments to collect LGBT data that will help target and improve services and policies to support the LGBT population in San Francisco. The ordinance requires City departments and contractors providing health care and social services to seek, collect, and analyze data concerning the sexual orientation and gender identity of the clients they serve. Clients have the right to not provide the data.

“The LGBT community faces disproportionate challenges regarding poverty, suicide, isolation, substance abuse, and violence,” said Supervisor Wiener. “We need to improve our outreach and support to all members of our community, particularly the most vulnerable. Data collection help us improve services for many underserved and disadvantaged parts of our populations. With this information, our city can better serve our LGBT community.”

The legislation was a recommendation by the LGBT Aging Policy Task Force, which was created by Supervisor Wiener and Supervisor David Campos in 2012. The full report – Aging at the Golden Gate -- can be viewed here.

“The LGBT Aging Policy Task Force agreed that the City begin asking LGBT questions wherever other data is being collected,” said Tom Nolan, Special Projects & Liason to the LGBT Aging Policy Task Force. “So much of what we know about LGBT seniors is largely of an anecdotal nature. Supervisor Wiener's legislation will go a long way toward making sure that appropriate vital services are addressed in ways that work for our community.”

The legislation applies to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, San Francisco Department of Human Services, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and their Families, San Francisco Department of Aging & Adult Services, Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. Departments or contractors will be required to collect data from all clients regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. The client has the option of not providing the information.

Within 24 months of the operative date of the legislation, each Department will submit a report to the City Administrator that includes analysis of this data and identifies all services and programs where LGBT people are underrepresented, along with a plan to make these services and programs more accessible to the LGBT community.

“Supervisor Wiener's legislation that the city collect sexual orientation and gender identity data will result in smarter policy and more effective services for all LGBT San Franciscans,” said Dr. Marcy Adelman, member of the LGBT Aging Task Force Research Committee. “The city and the nonprofits that serve the LGBT community will be better informed to plan for the needs and future needs of our community. This historic legislation will result in more effective LGBT health and social service programs to help us grow and thrive as individuals and as a community.”

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