Legislation will make it city policy to develop pedestrian lighting standards, establish more efficient and responsive repair practices, transition to LED lighting, and develop a single, city-owned streetlight program, with the City acquiring PG&E's streetlights

WHEN:      Monday, November 3rd, 12:30 PM

WHERE:    Land Use and Economic Development Committee
                     Board of Supervisors
                     San Francisco City Hall, Room 263

WHAT:   Today the Land Use and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Supervisors will consider Supervisor Wiener's Streetlight Reform Legislation. Currently, a portion of San Francisco's streetlights are owned by the City's Public Utilities Commission and a portion by PG&E, a private utility, which leads to a lack of policy vision and coordination. Supervisor Wiener's legislation will set clear standards for streetlights, including transitioning to pedestrian-grade lighting, requiring that streetlights be repaired within 48 hours of being reported as not functioning, transitioning to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, and developing a single, city-owned streetlight program by making it official city policy to acquire PG&E's streetlights. At two previous hearings on streetlights held by Supervisor Wiener, it was revealed that the streetlight system has significant deferred maintenance, that it takes too long to fix broken lights (despite positive progress by both PUC and PG&E), and that streetlights are more focused on lighting streets than lighting sidewalks.  The hearings further revealed a growing consensus that the streetlight system should be owned and managed by the PUC, instead of being split between the PUC and PG&E. Currently, of San Francisco's approximately 45,000 streetlights, the Public Utilities Commission is responsible for about 26,000 and PG&E is responsible for about 19,000.

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