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January 2015 Newsletter

Office Phone: 415-554-6968

Office Hours
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Church Street Cafe
260 Church Street

NOTE: Occasionally, we need to reschedule office hours.  To ensure that you learn of any changes before making the effort to attend, please check with the office a day or two before or alternatively call the office to put your name on the office hours list so that we can notify you if any changes occur.

Policy Work

Violent and Property Crime on the Increase - What We Can Do
With the exception of murders, violent crimes in San Francisco have increased in the past few years, and property crimes -- particularly auto break-ins -- are way too common. For example, the Castro area has recently experienced a rash of arsons, Duboce Triangle has experienced two murders and several armed robberies, the Lower Haight recently experienced a quadruple homicide, the Castro and Noe Valley have seen several bank robberies, and the Dolores Park area continues to be subject to mass auto break-ins.

We have to do more. Our police department is badly understaffed. Due to years of budget negligence from 2005-2010, the city didn't fund any police academy classes, and the department shrunk from 2,000 officers to under 1,700. Never again can we let that happen. Since taking office, I've worked closely with Mayor Lee and my colleagues to reverse this trend. We've aggressively funded police academy classes, and the department is now growing and will be back to 2,000 officers by 2018. We need to stay the course.

But, we can't just rely on the fact that we are now growing the police department. Crime is happening NOW, and we need help now. We need to work closely with the police to ensure sufficient police presence in our neighborhoods. For example, the Castro/Upper Market area and Noe Valley don't have enough police presence. Other neighborhoods have a similar challenge. We need to prosecute property crimes, since these non-violent crimes, if left unaddressed, significantly undermine a neighborhood and create an atmosphere of permissiveness where more serious crimes thrive. We also need to try focused tactics. For example, I recently obtained funding for a pilot program called Castro Cares, which was created by a coalition of community groups. The program will fund social workers to outreach to homeless people to get them into services and will also fund off-duty police officers to patrol in the Castro area and enforce the law.

There's no simple solution to our public safety challenges. The good news is that we can address public safety in our city. We just need the political will to do so.

San Francisco violent crimes statistics - Source: SocketSite

Replacing/Expanding Muni's Light Rail Fleet
We recently took a significant step to accelerate the replacement and expansion of Muni's troubled light rail fleet. Muni's Breda light rail vehicles are the top source of unreliability in the entire system. Muni doesn't have enough LRVs, and the ones we have are plagued by design problems that cause them to break down frequently. As a result, Muni's light rail lines don't have enough capacity, and trains don't come frequently enough. Late last year, the Board of Supervisor approved a contract with Siemens to purchase the next generation of LRVs over the coming decade. Starting in 2016, new Siemens vehicles will begin to arrive, and the Breda LRVs will gradually be phased out. Muni will ultimately have nearly twice the number of LRVs it has today. Siemens has a great reputation, and the new vehicles will require less maintenance and will be more reliable, better-designed, and quieter. I recently joined Mayor Lee and my newest colleague, Julie Christensen, to announce that Muni is accelerating its purchase of the new light rail vehicles by acquiring 40 of them several years earlier than anticipated. This is great news for the system.

Supervisor Wiener and Supervisor Christensen at the Mayor's Press conference announcing the new fleet of LRVs.

Improving Late Night and Early Morning Transit
We've made considerable progress in putting together a master plan to improve late night transit, and we will be issuing the plan in February. Early last year, I held a major hearing on the state of late night transportation in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We heard from owners of late night and early morning establishments, patrons, nightlife advocates, and workers about the significant challenges getting to and from our nighttime businesses. Neither BART nor Muni's subway runs 24 hours, overnight bus service is sketchy at best, patrons and workers encounter significant public safety problems, and drunk driving is effectively encouraged. Our nighttime economy is a $4.2 billion industry, employing nearly 60,000 people and contributing over $50 million to San Francisco tax coffers. It's time for a transit systems to catch up. After last year's hearing, I authored legislation to create a master plan to improve late night transit options. The resulting working group -- a very diverse task force -- has put together a very solid plan, with short term and long term goals. It will be finalized next month, and I look forward to moving its recommendations forward. Already, BART and AC Transit have teamed up to offer expanded overnight bus service between San Francisco and the East Bay. I recently rode this new service with BART Directors Nick Josefowitz and Rebecca Saltzman as well as a number of transit and nightlife advocates.

Scott with BART directors Nick Josefowitz and Rebecca Saltzman, and transit and late night advocates riding the overnight bus from Mission to Oakland.

Ending HIV Infections: Getting to Zero
San Francisco continues to lead the nation and the world in innovative strategies to prevent HIV infections. For the past year or so, I've been part of the Getting to Zero Consortium, a broad-based group of community-based organizations, government agencies, and advocates putting together a strategy to end HIV infections in San Francisco entirely. Yesterday, we held a hearing, which I requested, to receive a public update on the group's progress. By increasing the frequency of HIV testing, making sure people know their status, getting people who've been infected quickly into treatment to keep them healthy and suppress their viral loads, and employing all available prevention methods, including PrEP, we can collapse infection rates and move toward an end of new infections. We will be moving this strategy forward and working through the budget process to ensure that it is successful.

Scott speaking at a forum on PrEP, sponsored by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Urban Forest Master Plan
Improving San Francisco's approach to our urban forest -- improving maintenance of trees and expanding the number of trees -- has been a priority for me since I took office four years ago. The City has a terrible approach to trees, for example systematically underfunding tree maintenance and then dumping responsibility for tree maintenance on homeowners even if they didn't plant the tree, don't want it, and don't have the physical or financial ability to care for it. The San Francisco Planning Department recently finalized the Urban Forest Master Plan after several years of public discussions about how to improve our urban forest. I'm now sponsoring the Plan at the Board of Supervisors, and it will be heard in committee Monday afternoon. I'm also continuing to work with various stakeholders to establish an Urban Forest Fund to create a permanent and sustainable funding source for trees. The working group to make recommendations for this fund will begin meeting in February.

Improving Our Ballot Measure Process
I recently announced that I'm working with our City Attorney to draft a ballot measure reform proposal to present to the voters -- not to make it harder to place items on the ballot but rather to provide authors with the tools to make their proposals as well-drafted as possible. Ballot measures are a key part of San Francisco lawmaking. Many issues appear on our ballot, and voters' decisions on these issues have significant long-term impacts on how San Francisco is governed. Given how important ballot measures are for our city, it's important to give the authors of these measures every opportunity to make them as well-drafted as possible. Our process is currently set up in a way that once measures are proposed, usually after being drafted behind closed doors, it's difficult or impossible for authors to change them or strengthen them before they go to the ballot. What I'll be proposing -- based in significant part on bi-partisan reform legislation passed by the State Legislature -- is to require that when either the Mayor, Supervisors, or members of the public propose ballot measures, there be a required public hearing so that the authors can receive feedback on what they're proposing. Authors will then have the option, but not be required, to make changes to their measures based on the feedback. We're also exploring how to make the number of signatures required to qualify a measure more stable; now, the number can vary wildly.

Promoting Both Fire Safety and Street Safety: Fire Truck Design
I recently made public an analysis I requested from our Budget and Legislative Analyst on how best to ensure our fire trucks are able to navigate our city's many narrow streets. Too many people are being injured or killed on our streets, and we need to improve street safety for everyone. Street design is one key element of street safety, and avoiding overly wide streets has been repeatedly demonstrated to reduce the number of collisions. We also need to make sure that fire trucks can get to fires and other emergencies quickly. Our fire department does a tremendous job navigating San Francisco's many narrow streets. Both fire safety and street safety are important aspects of public safety. The fire department, at times, has raised concerns that certain street safety projects may make it harder for fire trucks to get to emergencies. Last year, I authored a piece on this tension between fire safety and street safety. The recently released report finds that the fire department doesn't have a process in place, when purchasing trucks, to evaluate whether they will be able to navigate our streets and whether there are design changes to the trucks that can improve their ability to get around. I look forward to a continued discussion about how best to advance both fire safety and street safety.

Moving Toward Open Source Voting
Confidence in our voting systems are key to democracy. Too many voting systems in the United States are effectively black boxes -- proprietary systems that cannot be verified for accuracy. I recently authored a resolution to move us toward implementation of open source voting in San Francisco. Open source voting is a more transparent system, which can be more easily verified by the public. It will increase confidence in the system and is a direction in which we should be moving.

Community Updates

Scott with Supervisors Tang, Kim, Farrell, Cohen, and Christensen being sworn in at this year's inaugural Board of Supervisors Meeting

Upper Douglass Dog Park
Supervisor Wiener and the Recreation and Park Department will be hosting a community meeting concerning the current conditions at the Upper Douglass Dog Park, including recent flooding as well as overuse challenges. Details for the meeting are as follows:

Date: Thursday, February 19th
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Upper Noe Recreation Center, Intersection of Day and Sanchez Streets

In addition RPD will go over maintenance and operational plans and potential improvements to the park moving forward. We look forward to working together to maintain and improve this community asset.

Guerrero Median Greening
Last year, I obtained funding to complete the greening of the Guerrero Street medians north to Market Street. The Department of Public Works began this exciting project by greening the median between 17th and 18th Streets. DPW is now moving forward with additional blocks, and neighbors are invited to join in as we green our neighborhood! Please spread the word about this opportunity. Below is a schedule of the plantings:

January 24 – Guerrero Street from 18th Street to 19th Street – 9am to 1pm
February 7 – Guerrero Street from 16th Street to 17th Street – 9am to 1pm
February 21 – Guerrero Street from 15th Street to 16th Street – 9am to 1pm

DPW will provide tools, plants, and materials for the planting. Please bring work clothing, water bottle, and leave valuables at home. If you have any questions or would like to confirm your attendance, please contact Jerad Weiner at or (415) 595-6933.

Dolores Park Update
Construction at Mission Dolores Park is making progress. In fact, you’ll occasionally see workers at the park on Saturdays – the crews are taking advantage of the dry weather to catch up on the site work. Here is a summary of what’s going on this month and next month:

·The North Restroom is almost done, with the final fixtures to be installed in the next few weeks and the final stretches of paving in front of the building will be installed next. The orange paint you currently see is waterproofing and will be covered by the final architectural finishes.

-The Operations Building is also nearly complete and we expect Rec & Park’s operations team to start occupying it in mid-February.

·The athletic courts all have their walls and lights, and will next have the tall fences installed. They will be paved near the end of this phase of construction.

·The contractor will start to install the grass sod this week – look for it on the slopes first, then quickly moving down the hillside to the field and Dolores Street.

·And finally, starting in mid-February, the construction will extend slightly into the south side of the park to allow for the demolition of the clubhouse building and construction of the accessible path between the 19th Street promenade and the playground. These two items must be complete prior to reopening the North half of the park in order to have an accessible path to the playground during the remainder of construction.

As always, you can visit the Recreation & Park Department’s website for the latest construction progress and photos

Castro Cares: Making Our Neighborhood Safer
Castro Cares is a community coalition to make the Castro a safer place. I obtained funding for the program in last year's budget. Castro Cares, which will be fully up and running by late February, will provide dedicated law enforcement and homeless outreach services for the Castro/Upper Market. Through collaboration with the Department of Public Health, beginning in mid-September, Castro Cares has provided four hours a week of homeless outreach team (HOT) workers dedicated to the Castro. These HOT workers have developed relationships with those at risk on the streets with people accepting referrals to shelter, sobering center, and even a stabilization room. More recently, one of the HOT workers helped an artist living on the street sign up for the SF Arts Commission Street Artist program, enabling him to begin to earn money by selling their art at high traffic tourist locations. During the holidays, with special funding allocated by the Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District, Castro Cares hired overtime police officers to patrol the district. These officers interacted with people in the late evening giving out warnings and/or citations primarily for urinating in public, sit/lie, trespassing, open containers. The full budget for Castro Cares is $360,000. To support Castro Cares, tax deductible donations can be made to the Castro/Upper Market CBD. Go to:

24th Street Urban Village Streetscape Project Update
Construction for the 24th Street Urban Village Streetscape Improvement Project is scheduled to begin in late January. I obtained funding for this project from the 2011 Streets Bond. A. Ruiz Construction Company has been selected as the contractor working on this streetscape project. The project includes three bus-bulbs with site furnishings at two intersections, two on 24th and Castro Streets, and one on 24th and Noe Streets. Three decorative crosswalks will also be installed along 24th Street – two new ones on 24th and Noe Streets and 24th and Church Streets, and replacing the current crosswalk on 24th and Castro Streets. This project is an inter-departmental collaboration between DPW and MTA that will improve pedestrian safety, transit efficiency, and beautify the corridor. Additionally, funds have been identified by my office to expand the scope of work to include a fourth decorative crosswalk at the Sanchez Street intersection. This is great news for the project and will result in a more complete streetscape for the neighborhood.

GGRA Scholarship Application is Now Open
Since 1968, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association Scholarship Foundation (GGRASF) has awarded annual tuition assistance to students seeking higher education in the culinary and hospitality field. The recipients of the GGRASF awards are local Bay Area residents in need of additional financial assistance in order to pursue their education. For more information on the scholarship and past recipients, visit here. The application is available online until April 30. Please encourage students you know to apply!

Eat out and Support our Local Culinary Community: SF Restaurant Week
San Francisco Restaurant week is here! From January 21st-30th the Golden Gate Restaurant Association will take over SF Restaurant Week, and we want this 10-day celebration to recognize their favorite places to eat and to again remind us what is so great about our community here in the Bay. Visit to see the full list of participating restaurants and to make reservations. The SF-Marin Food Bank will receive 25 cents of every cover sold through OpenTable bookings. Make sure you have lunch or dinner at some of your favorite local spots! In District 8, some participating restaurants include Bisou Bistronomy, Mozzeria, and Chino!

Walter Haas Park
Recently, we joined the Recreation and Park Department to host two community meetings about Walter Haas Park. At one, we discussed the trail between Walter Haas and Billy Goat Hill. As a result of the meeting, the Department will pursue plans to move forward with an established trail connecting the two open spaces. Rec and Park staff will meet with neighbors in the next few weeks to discuss buffers and other issues. It is anticipated that a Concept Plan for the Trail will be presented to the Recreation and Park Commission this spring. For more information, please contact Lisa Wayne at or (415) 831-6326. We also held a community meeting to discuss the possibility of placing artificial turf at the Walter Haas dog play area, to replace the problematic decomposed granite currently there. We will hold a meeting in the next few months to follow up on the dog play area renovation.

In the interest of combating double-parking in our streets, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has put together a blog asking members to report locations where they experience particular problems with double parking or blocking the box. The Coalition also launched a social media component #parkingdirtysf, modeled after the program launched by the Washington DC Department of Public Works. Click here to access the blog or search for #dirtyparkingsf on twitter.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is an intellectually stimulating, socially supportive community for lifelong learners and includes interest groups, lectures, classes, social gatherings, and events.

San Francisco State offers classes and activities through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute – OLLI - at both campuses.( 19th and Holloway near Park Merced and 4th and Market in The Westfield Center).

For a complete list and description of classes that start on January 20th visit their website here.

Scott with Michael Pappas, Supervisor Cohen, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Assemblymember David Chiu on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Office Art

My office is currently featuring artwork by Elvira Dayel, in an exhibit call "Drawing" -- here is her artist statement:

My search within the drawing is always through the darkness first. In search of sublime I want to learn to see. seeing is a process, it is non-linear. My thought and artwork live in the space that’s between concept and abstraction, concept and representation .They oscillate between being purely conceptual and conceptually surreal. My work is idea driven.

As an artist I love leaving marks on surface, Sometimes I think that I live for it. The exhibition in San Francisco City Hall called “ Drawing”, There are seven drawing (soft pastel on watercolor paper) and two sculpture pieces (mixed media:3d-print and steel wire).

I sketch and sketch all the while searching for the way to show what I am thinking .With a charcoal or pencil in my hand the thought is formed. Initially drawing is a kind of blindness and as I work through it a new perception opens up, various meaning arise manifesting my personal observation of the world. These drawing are abstracted landscapes with the figures searching. Each landscape is an exploration, it creates a parallel reality and carries its own vision. Fictional landscapes are new realities and are loosely grounded to provide vision for an abstracted notion of a place, space, or absence thereof.

- Elvira Dayel


Community Calendar

Real Foods Redevelopment Community Meeting
Thursday, January 22
St. Philip the Apostle Church, 725 Diamond Street, Community Meeting Room
Join the Supervisor at a community meeting to hear about plans for the Real Foods site on 24th street.

Circus Skills Jam Class
Friday, January 23, ongoing
755 Frederick St
Circus Experts teach you circus skills every Wednesday and Friday! Every week is different, but you may learn how to ride a unicycle, juggle, play on a balance board, use devil sticks, or walk a tightrope. This class is open to everyone at no charge and no experience is necessary. Everyone age 8 and older is welcome, but children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by parents.
Free, but an RSVP is required; class has a 25 person maximum.
Click here for more information.

Guerrero Median Greening Planting
Saturday, January 24
Guerrero Street from 18th to 19th Streets
San Francisco Public Works will be providing tools, plants, and materials for the planting. Please bring work clothing, water bottle, and leave valuables at home. If you have any questions or would like to confirm your attendance, please contact Jerad Weiner at or (415) 595-6933.

The Natural Presidio Wilderness Learning Event
Saturday, January 24
Harvey Milk Memorial Public Library Branch, 1 Jose Sarria Court
Come learn about the natural wildness in your neighborhood through animal and plants stories with a park ranger. Participants will use their five senses to become familiar with animals and plants that live in their local National Park and in their neighborhood. Free and geared to all ages.
Click here for more information.

Scott with the San Francisco Youth Commission for their holiday party.

Bernal Heights Branch 5th Anniversary!
Saturday, January 24
2:00pm-4:00 pm
500 Cortland Avenue
Please join Bernal Heights Branch and Bernal Library Art Project for a celebration of our branch's renovation and the mural project completion. We will congratulate the mural team and enjoy music, crafts, legos and refreshments. Long-time Bernal resident Michael Govea and Los Compas will perform from their repertoire of Latin salsa music.
Click here for more information.

The 7th Annual Neighborhood Empowerment Network Awards
Friday, January 30
City Hall Rotunda, 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett
The people of San Francisco perform amazing acts of civic engagement each and every day, many of them going unnoticed. The Neighborhood Empowerment Network Awards are an opportunity to thank the residents, employees, business owners, and other organizations who are dedicated to making San Francisco a wonderful place to live. This year NEN is proud to award the 3900 Block of 20th Street with Outstanding Neighborhood Watch Group of the year.
Click here for more information.

Community Clean Team - District 6 - 15th Anniversary Kick-Off Event
Saturday, January 31
UN Plaza, Civic Center
Join community volunteers, Supervisor Kim, and Mayor Lee at UN Plaza to celebrate 15 years of volunteering with the Public Works Community Clean Team. This volunteer event is the kick-off for our monthly Community Clean Team program that occurs all around the city. Volunteers can expect projects that include, weeding, re-chipping medians, park beautification, painting public furniture, removing graffiti, and planting. Lunch will be provided for volunteers, but RSVP is required. Join the team that keeps San Francisco Clean and Green!
Click here for more information.

Diamond Heights/Glen Park Community Meeting Hosted by Supervisor Wiener
Saturday, January 31
St. Aidan's Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive, Upper Level
Join Supervisor Wiener to discuss his proposal to extend in-law second unit legislation to Diamond Heights and Glen Park along with other community issues.

Crissy Field Dog Group Fundraiser
Tuesday, February 3
Metropolitan Club, 640 Sutter Street
Join the Crissy Field Dog Group for an evening of delicious wine and hors d'oeuvres and help fight the GGNRA's anti-dog and anti-recreation policies. All event proceeds will support ongoing legal effort to keep Crissy Field and other GGNRA open spaces dog-friendly. Tickets sold only in advance, $50-100. Special Guest Speakers: Supervisor Scott Weiner and SF SPCA Co-President Dr. Jennifer Scarlett
Click here for more information.

San Francisco Summer Resource Fair
Saturday, February 7
Balboa High School, 1000 Cayuga Avenue
The Fair will feature 150 exhibitors with information about summer camps, programs, and other opportunities for children and youth in San Francisco. The Fair is free and open to the public, and families are encouraged to attend. In addition to the excellent resources provided by the exhibitors, the Rec & Park Department’s Mobile Rec Team will conduct lots fun activities in Balboa High’s courtyard, the Bookmobile will be on hand, and three Off the Grid trucks will be selling delicious food. For questions about the Summer Resource Fair, please contact Emily Davis at or 415-554-8991.

Free 2 Hour Emergency Readiness Training February 10 in Diamond Heights
Tuesday, February 10
St. Aidan’s Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive
The San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Response Team (NERT) will provide training that will cover “what everyone should know to prepare themselves personally, as a business and as a community for a disaster, large or small. Topics include: risk awareness; disaster supplies; personal disaster planning; NERT overview; and how to prepare your block, business or building with SAFE & NERT.” Parking is available next door in the lot next to Safeway. Register by calling (415) 970-2024. To learn about NERT, visit here.

African & African American Stories: Movement, Music & Magic
Wednesday, February 11
Glen Park Public Library Branch, 2825 Diamond Street
Masterful storyteller, Kirk Waller, mixes spoken word, rhythm, music, and movement for an unforgettable storytelling experience. Click here for more information.

Puppy Dog Tales with Oliver
Wednesday, February 11
Harvey Milk Memorial Public Library Branch, 1 Jose Sarria Court
This SPCA program connects dog-and-owner therapy teams with children to grow children's literacy, self-confidence, and socio-empathic skills. Wonderful for those learning to read, who "underperform," or for whom extra attention in vocabulary or grammar is desired. Your child will love reading to this calm canine, Oliver, and learning specialist, Linda. Free and designed for ages 4-7, but older welcome.
Click here for more information.

San Francisco Imperial Coronation 50th
Wednesday, February 11 –Monday, February 16
Various times and venues around San Francisco
Join the Imperial Council of San Francisco for an Evening to Remember, Celebrating 50 Years of Elegance, Honor & Tradition during San Francisco’s Imperial Coronation 50. There are numerous shows throughout the week, leading up to the main event: the Imperial Coronation 50, at the SF Galleria Design Center on February 14th.
Click here for more information.

We Are All Poets Youth Civic Engagement Workshop
Thursday, February 12
3:30pm- 5:00pm
Noe Valley Public Library Branch, 451 Jersey Street
Join experienced teacher-poets at the Noe Valley Branch in a free poetry writing workshop for students in grades 4 – 12, where young poets will work on writing their own poems around this year’s theme: “The Power of Peace.” Workshop participants may enter their poems to be considered for a public reading at the April 18 Grand Finale in the Main Library's Koret Auditorium, when selected youth poets will read their poems alongside San Francisco City officials. Click here for more information.

Scott and his nephews riding MUNI on the way to Scott's swearing-in & inaugural meeting

Game On!

Friday, February 13
Mission Public Library Branch, 300 Bartlett St.
Get your game on at the library with Wii video gaming. Games are appropriate for children. Bring a friend to challenge on the big screen! Click here for more information.

The San Francisco Zoo’s Docent Program Wants You!
Saturday, February 14
San Francisco Zoo, Sloat Boulevard at the Great Highway
Looking for something meaningful to do with your extra time? Be a Zoo docent. If you love animals, enjoy sharing information with others and think it is important to conserve wildlife, this activity is for you. Come to the Zoo’s special event on February 14th to find out what being a docent is all about. There will be a one our tour, a power point presentation and demonstrations. And, some refreshments to boot. To RSVP call the San Francisco Zoo at 415 753 7122 or email

New Conservatory Benefit: The Case Against 8
Saturday, February 14
Delancey Street Foundation Screening Room, 600 The Embarcadero
Start your Valentine's Day celebrations with an exclusive screening of The Case Against 8, the acclaimed HBO Documentary about this pivotal event in the fight for marriage equality. Key participants in the case, including Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, attorney Enrique Monagas, and plaintiffs Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo will come together for the first time in a panel discussion moderated by District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener. Enjoy a champagne reception followed by a screening and panel discussion at the plush Delancey Street screening room, all in support of San Francisco’s premier LGBT theatre. Tickets are $65-100.
Click here for more information.

SPUR Exhibit - "Urbanism from Within"
Friday, February 20
SPUR, 654 Mission Street
Please join SPUR to view two great efforts to visualize Accessory Dwelling Units. First - the SF Planning Department contracted with Openscope Studio to develop an Accessory Dwelling Unit Handbook. This handbook will provide property owners a tool to understand the design, process, regulations and costs around the addition of an ADU in several common building typologies. Second - the Department partnered with CCA's Urbanworks program on a Studio course around visualizing an ADU in these same common building typologies.

One challenge of increasing housing density in San Francisco is the close link between the city’s identity and a romantic vision of Victorian housing. But what if we could add thousands of new housing units without disrupting this image? SPUR’s new exhibition examines how the legalization of secondary units within existing housing typologies can help solve the city’s housing shortage. Co-presented by California College of the Arts, the San Francisco Planning Department and OpenScope Studio. Click here for more info.