Jane Kim Attacks Formerly Homeless Man for Appearing in Television Ad Telling his Life Story

Kim’s facebook post calls homeless and HIV advocate Gary McCoy a liar saying on the ad “Nothing He Says Is True”

San Francisco, CA - (October 17, 2016) Yesterday, in a post on her facebook page, Supervisor Jane Kim attacked Gary McCoy, a formerly homeless San Franciscan, who thanks to supportive services and housing was able to turn his life around. Kim calls McCoy a liar, stating that “Nothing He Says Is True,” derisively calls him a “spokesperson” and discounts his experience living on the streets.

Gary McCoy was homeless, sleeping in elevator shafts, addicted to meth, and on the verge of full-blown AIDS. With the help of service providers, stable housing and the support of friends, Gary turned his life around and now is a successful, contributing and active member of the LGBT, HIV and recovery community, helping others as he was helped.

“Attacking Gary McCoy for telling his very personal story is beyond unacceptable,” stated Scott Wiener. “It’s no different than Trump attacking the Humayun Kahn’s family for telling their story at the Democratic National convention. Jane Kim is showing her true colors by bullying a formerly homeless, HIV positive, recovering addict who has turned his life around.”

The Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club has also issued a statement in support of Gary telling his life story, and calling on Jane Kim to issue an apology. http://www.alicebtoklas.org/2016/10/alice-b-toklas-responds-to-attack-on-board-member-gary-mccoy/

Campaigns are intense and candidates are free to and should discuss each other’s records. However, viciously attacking the truth of McCoy’s experiences is unacceptable. Rather than attacking him, Kim should be talking with Gary and learning what services and housing actually helped him get off the street, end his addiction and get healthy.

McCoy criticizes Kim’s position on tents and her vote against funding for housing for the homeless. Kim voted against $50 million per year in funding for homeless housing, the very type of housing and services that helped Gary McCoy turn his life around, and what he speaks about in the television ad in which he is featured.

At the same time Kim voted against funding for housing, she supports legalizing tents on sidewalks. San Francisco Police Department reports 13 rapes in tent encampments since January 2015. Seven rapes took place in the first six months of 2016 alone.


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