Jane Kim and Anti-PrEP Activist Michael Weinstein Join Forces in Support of Props 60 and 61

Kim supports measures overwhelmingly opposed by HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ leaders, and Weinstein attacks Scott Wiener in order to help Kim get elected

San Francisco, CA – (October 18, 2016) Supervisor Jane Kim has joined forces with Michael Weinstein in support of Props 60 and 61, both solely funded by Weinstein and his discredited AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). As part of the partnership and in an effort to help Kim win election to the State Senate, Weinstein is sending out homophobic attack mailers against Kim's opponent, Supervisor Scott Wiener, who opposes both ballot measures.

Kim shared the stage with Weinstein at a Prop 61 rally this past Saturday, and that same day, her campaign manager tweeted Kim's support for Prop 60.

Weinstein is widely discredited in the LGBT community including for his anti-science opposition to pre-exposure prophylaxis or "PrEP," a daily pill that almost completely eliminates risk of HIV infection. Weinstein disparages PrEP as a “party drug” and shames those who take the medication. AHF runs ads attacking PrEP. AHF has been subject to various investigations and lawsuits for fraudulent billing.

Weinstein is supporting Kim and attacking Wiener due to Kim's willingness to support Weinstein's agenda and Wiener's opposition to that agenda. Wiener is a strong advocate of PrEP and disclosed that he takes it. Wiener has also strongly opposed Prop 60 and its condom requirement.

Prop 60, which would require adult film actors to wear condoms in films - thus pushing the industry underground or out of state - is entirely funded by Weinstein and is opposed by a wide spectrum of elected leaders, LGBT leaders, the California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, and California’s seven largest newspapers.

Prop 61, again funded entirely by Weinstein, purports to cap prescription drug prices. LGBT and veterans’ groups are opposed to the measure because it will increase prescription drug prices and reduce access to medicine. Weinstein has exempted his own organization, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, from the measure.

The LGBT community is united against Prop 60 and Prop 61, including the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the Bay Area Reporter, the Transgender Law Center, LGBT leader Cleve Jones, and various HIV advocacy organizations.

Last week, voters in Senate District 11 received a homophobic mailer paid for by Weinstein’s Yes on Prop 60 committee and attacking Scott Wiener for his opposition to Prop 60. The mailer was straight out of the anti-LGBT political playbook from 30 years ago, intended to stir up homophobic sentiment by stereotyping gay men. The mailer was clearly intended to help Jane Kim:


“This mailer is a homophobic attack on Scott Wiener, a tactic right out of the political playbook that I had hoped we’d put behind us years ago,” stated Jeffrey Adair, Chair of the San Mateo County Democratic Party and LGBT activist. “If these are the people supporting Jane Kim, then sadly, the fight for LGBT rights is far from over.”

Weinstein has a long history of attacking and stigmatizing leaders in the HIV community like Scott Wiener. In 2010, he organized protests against then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, despite her long history of leadership on HIV/AIDS issues. Wiener, who has been a champion for HIV prevention funding for years, recently helped launch San Francisco’s Getting to Zero effort, which aims to end all new HIV infections in San Francisco.

Though based in Los Angeles, Weinstein’s entry into a local San Francisco race signals his support for Jane Kim. Kim’s recent support for both Props 60 and 61 seem to underscore the mutually beneficial relationship established between Kim and Weinstein.

"Jane’s support of Prop 60 and Prop 61 demonstrates once again her lack of understanding around LGBTQ issues. Our community is overwhelmingly opposed to both these measures put on the ballot by someone who is widely discredited in the LGBTQ community and who has a financial self interest in seeing both Prop 60 and Prop 61 pass,” stated Maggie Muir, Wiener's campaign consultant. “The fact that Jane Kim is in partnership with Weinstein, who is mailing out homophobic hit pieces, makes this even more disturbing.”

Kim appeared with Weinstein on October 15th to rally for Prop 61:



That same day, Kim’s campaign manager tweeted about Kim’s support for Prop 60:


Kim’s record on LGBTQ issues is lackluster. In addition to her support for Prop 60 and 61, Kim opposed the naming of the USS Harvey Milk Naval Ship and proposed cutting HIV/AIDS funding, specifically the Getting to Zero initiative, as reported in the Bay Area Reporter newspaper.


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