Guerrero Median Greening


Several years ago, neighbors on Guerrero Street organized to plant and green the medians along Guerrero. The results were a vast improvements on the neighborhood, and I recently began working with neighbors, city departments, and others to organizing greening efforts on the blocks of Guerrero between Market and 20th Street. As part of that process, we need to identify who lives on or adjacent to what block and to identify neighbors to volunteer as Block Captains for each of the ungreened blocks along Guerrero. The responsibility of the Block Captains will be to act as liaisons between the neighbors and the city. We currently need two captains for each of the 8 un-greened blocks. Please email my legislative aide Adam Taylor at to provide him with the block with which you associate (ie, you live on or adjacent to the block) and whether you are willing to serve as a Block Captain. We will create an organizing spreadsheet and then work with the captains. This will be a transformative project for the neighborhood, and I look forward to working with neighbors to make this a reality.

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