How is Scott working to move the homeless out of tents and into housing and services?
Scott believes strongly that allowing homeless men, women and children to live in tents on the street is not humane, safe or compassionate. It’s not easy and won’t be accomplished overnight, but Scott is committed to helping move the homeless out of tents and into navigation centers and permanent housing that provides the support services they need to succeed. He voted for placing a measure on the ballot that will provide $50 million in annul funding for homeless housing and services.   

What specifically has Scott done to address our housing crisis?
Scott believes it is critical that we create more housing to meet the needs of our diverse and growing population. For people to actually be able to afford to live here, we need to build both market-rate and affordable housing to meet the demands on our city. His work to address our housing crisis includes adding new rent-controlled in-law units to our housing stock, fighting to speed up the construction of affordable housing, and fighting obstructionist housing policies.  

What is Scott doing to improve our public transportation system?
Our residents should have public transportation that they can rely on day in and day out. Scott has worked to support a thriving regional transportation system that gets people where they need to go, while also easing gridlock on our roads and highways, and reducing car emissions to make our air less polluted. He has championed ballot measures to tie Muni funding to population growth, worked on regional efforts to improve BART and Caltrain, and supported bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. 

How will Scott support our public schools and students?
Scott believes that a strong public education system is essential for families and the future of California. He himself is a product of public schools, and comes from a family of educators so he knows the struggles our students and our teachers face when we don’t prioritize public education. He believes our public school students need a strong STEM education curriculum in our public schools so that students have an opportunity to participate in the Bay Area’s thriving technology industry that will be the future of our region. 

What action has Scott taken to protect our environment?
Scott believes climate change and our drought require serious and bold action. Acting now is good, acting yesterday is better, and waiting for tomorrow may be too late. He believes in systemic change in how we consume water and energy, which includes authoring legislation to make San Francisco the first city in the nation to require water recycling in new buildings and to require solar panels be installed on new developments. Scott believes that our environment is at a critical juncture, and has been working on these issues for years. Future generations need action now. 

As an elected LGBT leader, what has Scott done to support the community?
As a gay man, Scott cares deeply and passionately about the issues affecting the LGBT community. He has a long history of taking on intractable issues, from working year after year to backfill federal HIV funding cuts to securing healthcare access for transgender people. He is a huge supporter of LGBT nightlife and culture, whether it’s working to improve entertainment laws or helping to open new venues to increase the spread of LGBT culture. He has lived these issues for years. He is unafraid to share his own personal experiences, as when he announced that he himself was taking PrEP, a medication that reduces risk of HIV infection, in hopes of increasing awareness and reducing stigma around this sensitive issue. 

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