Protecting Our Environment and Our Parks and Open Space

A more sustainable and greener future requires aggressive policy action to combat our drought and climate change, as well as more support for our urban forest, open spaces, and parks. Scott Wiener is a leader on environmental sustainability and is endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters. Scott authored groundbreaking legislation to require water recycling and solar panels in new developments, to increase the use of greenhouse-gas free power in new developments, and to better protect and expand our urban forest. All of these efforts will improve our environment and reduce our reliance on outdated modes of water use and fossil fuels. Scott also has been a leader in numerous park rehabilitation projects and works to protect our parks and reduce park vandalism and illegal dumping. Scott is dedicated to preserving and expanding our open space and created two new parks.

Modernizing Our Water Policy

Scott is the leading voice at City Hall on water policy and the need to modernize our water system to meet the reality of a structural water shortage that is not going away. He authored first-in-the-country legislation to require new developments to include water recycling, legislation to make it easier for residents to install simple gray water systems, and legislation to require that new multi-unit buildings be individually metered for water. Scott vocally opposes the proposed Delta Tunnels plan to divert more water from the Delta, since doing so will further undermine the already fragile eco-systems of the Bay and the Delta. Scott serves on the regional Bay Restoration Authority, which crafted the recently adopted funding measure for Bay wetlands restoration. In the State Senate, Scott will work to drag California's 19th century water system into the 21st century, with dramatically more water recycling, better incentives for people and companies to conserve water, stronger protection of the Bay, and better regulation of groundwater.

More Clean/Renewable Energy

Scott believes that, in order to fight climate change, California must continue to move toward a clean and renewable energy future, and he will fight in the State Senate to move our state toward 100% clean/renewable energy. Scott supports the various efforts in Sacramento to mandate reductions in fossil fuel consumption and to dramatically roll back greenhouse gas emissions. Scott supports a ban on fracking. In San Francisco, Scott authored legislation to make San Francisco the first large city in the country to require the installation of solar panels on rooftops of new buildings and legislation to expand the use of clean hydro-power in San Francisco from the Hetch Hetchy public power system. Scott will fight for expanded solar power throughout California.

More and Better Parks

Parks and open space play a critical role in our environment and quality of life, and Scott believes we must prioritize saving them, expanding them, and keeping them in good shape. Scott works hard to improve our park system and to increase our city's parks an open space. Scott campaigned for a major parks bond - which is helping rehabilitate our entire park system, including recreation centers, pools, playgrounds, athletic fields, dog play areas, and green spaces - and obtained significant resources for specific park projects. He obtained significant budget allocations to improve park security and expand the number of gardeners and arborists and authored legislation specifically designed to reduce nighttime vandalism and dumping in our parks. Scott also authored legislation, and obtained funding, to create two new parks, the Noe Valley Town Square and the Corbett Slope, both of which would have been lost to development. These two unique neighborhood open spaces will provide significant community benefits for generations to come. Scott is fighting to expand recreational access to the Crystal Springs Watershed and to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Scott will work to protect and improve our state park system.

More and Healthier Trees

Trees are critical for our environment, to fight climate change, and to improve public health and quality of life. San Francisco has one of the smallest tree canopies of any major city and has long pursued the unfair and counter-productive policy of dumping tree maintenance responsibility on homeowners, leading to inconsistent maintenance and a declining urban forest. Scott worked for six years with Friends of the Urban Forest to craft a measure to require the city to take back the trees (as well as tree-related sidewalk damage and liability), to establish dedicated funding to pay for this responsibility, and to create space in the budget for an expanded urban forest. In the State Senate, Scott will fight to protect our forests and will oppose clear-cutting.

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