I hope you will support my reelection to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee!

I'm a lifelong Democrat, and for 8 years I've had the honor of serving as a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC).  For two of those years, I served as Chairman.  The DCCC is the governing body of the San Francisco Democratic Party and is responsible for building the party in San Francisco and ensuring that we get a strong Democratic turnout for both state and local elections.  The San Francisco Democratic Party needs to be strong for California to stay blue.

DCCC elections in San Francisco are highly competitive, and I will need to run a vigorous campaign.  You can support my reelection effort in many ways, and one of them is by contributing.  You can contribute by mailing in a check with the form below.

Thanks so much for your continuing friendship and support.

To contribute by check, please print this page, fill out the form below, and mail in the completed form with a check made payable to “Scott Wiener for DCCC 2012” to:  Scott Wiener for DCCC, 4096 17th St., #207, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Enclosed is a contribution for: 

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To accept your contribution, we need the following information:


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