Adding In-Laws During Seismic Retrofits

Allowing the construction of new in-law units is one solution for creating new housing opportunities in San Francisco. Previously, I've passed legislation to build new in-laws in the Castro and now I'm moving forward with legislation to allow the construction of in-laws in buildings undergoing seismic retrofits. Both the voluntary and mandatory soft story retrofit programs are important for keeping our city safe and resilient when the next earthquake hits. By allowing property owners the ability to build new in-law units in exchange for undergoing these retrofits, we can encourage more of this safety work while also increasing our housing supply in a sustainable manner that has little impact on our neighborhoods.

This legislation will be heard at the Planning Commission next year, after which it will come to the Board of Supervisors for a vote.

Citiscope recently published a piece looking at this issue and how my legislation works. You can read it here.

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