A Stark Contrast for the LGBT Community

When it comes to fighting for the LGBT community - fighting for our civil rights, protecting our access to healthcare, going to the mat for LGBT nightlife and culture, or recognizing our LGBT heroes, there is a stark contrast between Supervisor Scott Wiener and Supervisor Jane Kim.

Scott has shown leadership on LGBT issues, while Jane has not made our community a priority.

It’s not only that Scott's the gay candidate in the race, or that the San Francisco LGBT community will lose all state legislative representation if he is not elected, it's about who has truly fought for our community.

LGBT Community Health

Scott Wiener is a champion for people living with and at risk for HIV. He fights every year to back-fill millions in federal HIV cuts. He fought insurance company efforts to increase co-pays for HIV drugs. He helped lead and secured significant funding for our Getting to Zero effort — San Francisco’s effort to end new HIV infections. He played a pivotal role ensuring full transgender healthcare access under San Francisco’s universal healthcare program. He passed legislation to ensure that long-term HIV survivors are protected by rent control and obtained resources to house LGBT youth and seniors. And, he courageously disclosed that he takes PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which reduces the risk of HIV infection by nearly 100%. Scott fights hard for our community's health and will always do so.

Harvey Milk Naval Ship

We recently received the inspirational news that the Secretary of the Navy will name a ship after Supervisor Harvey Milk, who served in the Navy. This decision sends a message that the United States of America supports everyone serving in its military, and everyone in our country, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Young, closeted sailors and people from oppressive countries all over the world will be inspired by this ship.

While Scott Wiener vocally supported this effort - authoring a resolution in support - Jane Kim publicly *opposed* naming a ship for Harvey Milk. We had support from both gay and straight allies on the Board of Supervisors, including David Campos and John Avalos, who recognized that whatever one’s views on the military and war, naming a ship for Harvey Milk would be profoundly impactful for the LGBT community worldwide. But not Jane Kim. She refused to support this impactful step for our community.

Protecting LGBT Nightlife and Culture

Scott has been patronizing our LGBT nightlife since he was in college 27 years ago. Scott played a key role helping Heklina make Oasis a reality, after Jane Kim dragged her feet fixing her own zoning screw up that was preventing Oasis from opening. When it was revealed that the Stud was at risk, Scott immediately reached out to help and spread the message. He has authored pro-nightlife legislation, worked to improve late night transportation, and commissioned a groundbreaking economic study to support our nightlife industry.

Jane Kim’s record on LGBT nightlife is lackluster. Kim authored the Western SOMA Plan rezoning, specifically designed to reduce the number of nightlife venues in Western SOMA. Scott Wiener voted against this plan. The Bay Area Reporter also recently covered the status of the LGBTQ Cultural District for Western SOMA, which has languished for years under Jane Kim’s watch.

Please join us in supporting Scott. Our community needs a fighter in Sacramento, someone who will be with us day in and day out.

Jeff Sheehy
Mayor Gavin Newsom's AIDS czar

Zoe Dunning
Commander, United States Navy (Retired)
Immediate Past Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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